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About 42

42workspace is a community of likeminded people and tech entrepreneurs in the buzzy Witte de With district of Rotterdam.

Lack of suitable workspaces

Keadyn, whose investments include tech startups such as Notificare, Crobox, Otrium and ABOSS, has noticed the lack of suitable offices and workspaces for young and starting tech firms in Rotterdam. This is what 42workspace wants to change. However, the companies looking to move into the 42workspace offices are carefully curated; a selection is made to ensure a community of just the right entrepreneurs and companies.

A community of equals 

“We want to build a tech-community of likeminded people,” says Patricio de Boom, managing director of 42workspace in the Netherlands. “We are creating a culture wherein everyone can add value and help one another. In the short time we’ve been open, we have already seen significant collaboration and interaction between the startups”.

42workspace’s International Network 

Ohad Gilad, founder of 42workspace and managing partner of main investor Keadyn, says, “Startups require a lot more than just an office, fast wifi and good coffee. We offer an international network of startups, investors, and other partners who can give ‘our’ startups a boost. It’s crucial to have the right connections, particularly in the early stages of a startups. 42workspace provides tech-entrepreneurs with precisely the environment they need in order to focus on what is most important: growth.”

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