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Entrepreneurs who started with coworking!

Sade van Gestel - April 12, 2018
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Time to get inspired again! We have clearly stated why we love coworking. Now it’s time to show you some companies that are successful in their own way and guess what? They all started out working in coworking spaces! That must get the adrenaline going!


The instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created this application in a coworking space. It took them only 8 weeks to design this famous app. Talk about discipline! The instagram moguls are inspiring because they had their failures in having a start-up but came bouncing back! I think we can say they are pretty succesfull. Who doesn’t know or use instagram nowadays?


It sometimes can be heartwarming, but also very annoying (and embarrassing) to get reminded of the past. You know, the Facebook app which shares memories from that holiday in 2009 where you definitely didn’t make the right decisions when it comes to clothing. That app is called : Timehop. The founder of the app is Jonathan Wegener. Working in a coworking space gave him the perfect platform to launch his new app.


Ziprecruiter is a platform that was created in 2014 to connect jobseekers with companies to fill jobpositions. This platform says to be easier, faster and cheaper in recruiting staff for companies. With just one simple submission form for a open position filled in by the company, it will be shown on 50+ job boards. Ziprecruiter started out in a coworking space in California called Coloft.


Indiegogo is a platform that has been created by Danae Ringelmann to raise funds for startups. Indiegogo was born in a coworking space and has grown out to be one of the biggest crowd funding initiaves in the world.


We all know Uber right? Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick wanted to solve the taxicab issue in San Francisco. Little did they know, that they were growing a huge empire of Uberusers all over the world. They have already expanded to 84 countries and counting. Major goals right? And all that by starting out in a coworking space.