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Meeting Rooms

We all know, that meeting up with clients or even with your own staff can be beneficial. This is where the magic happens! At 42workspace we provide meeting rooms in the centre of Rotterdam tailored to your needs!



Third Floor - Max 8 people

Situated on the third floor of 42workspace, the Arthur meeting room carries the name of the main character from Douglas Adams’ novel series. Small yet quaint, this room features a good example of our signature style. This room is perfect for quick scrum meetings, or brainstorming sessions with your team.



Second Floor - Max 8 people

This small but geeky meeting room has a spot on the second floor of the building. This is the perfect spot if you have an interview, evaluation or a secret meeting. Be careful! We have a closet full of geeky stuff in there too! Do not get distracted…

Vogon Poetry


First Floor - Max 8 people

On the first floor, the Vogan Poetry is situated. This stylish meeting room is completely surrounded by glass walls which gives it a real open vibe. The high table and chairs make it a pro-active space for meetings.



Ground Floor - Max 12 people

The Deepthought is located on the ground floor, where you have a skybox view over the 42workspace events space, bar and flex space. The best way to meet up and to keep an eye on when the lunch is starting!

Don’t Panic Room


Basement Vault - Max 12 people

The Don’t Panic Room is a unique meeting room, located in the basement in a large authentic vault that served the bank “de Nederlandsche Handelsbank” a long time ago. The giant vault door guarantees an impressive start of your meeting.

Our seven meeting room names are inspired by the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. Like “Deep Thought”, named after the computer created to come up with the Answer to The Ultimate Question to Life, the Universe, and Everything.


Why 42workspace
  • Inspirational spaces to meet
  • No noisy backgrounds
  • Mingle with our tech community

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