1/2 Day Pass - 42workspace

1/2 Day Pass

When you just need a couple of hours to grind hard!

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Drop by Witte de With to experience the vibe of our space with a day pass for 42workspace. Bring your laptop, put on your headphones, and get going. Or, grab a coffee and chill out for a bit with other members. Want to wander around the building and get the latest facts about 42? Ask us! We will show your around.The choice is yours. What’s most important is that you really get to know what 42workspace is all about.

Day Pass & Flex Station
Sit down in the flex area or get comfortable at the lounge spots on the ground floor – or do both if you know how to clone yourself. The space station is waiting to be explored with your day pass. Oh yeah, we would like to add that you have unlimited coffee,tea and water with this day pass!

High Speed Internet
Connect your gadgets to our 500 mb/s glass fiber internet and immerse yourself into space surfing. We’ll make sure that your Skype calls have awesome quality whilst you are using your day pass!

Rooftops and other cool stuff!
Looking for a place to work in the sun? Our coworking space offers just that: ‘ A cool place in the sun at our very own rooftop’. Get your tan on! Feeling hungry? At 42workspace we also offer some healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunches. So, literally eat your heart out!



€ 7,50


  • Unlimited coffee & tea
  • High speed internet
  • Lockers
  • Parking spots available
  • Breakfast and Lunch


Why 42workspace

  • Meet likeminded people in the tech and digital industry
  • In the beating heart of Witte de With
  • Rooftop acces for those sunny days
  • Events and community drinks


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