Shared Workspace

Are you looking for an office space, but does your own team not meet the minimum number of three desks? Maybe our shared office space is something for you. Here you can work on the growth of your business in peace while getting inspired by other entrepreneurs within the community.

In addition to our private offices, 42workspace also offers the possibility to work in a shared office space. This means that you can share a closed office space with 1 to 3 other community members, where you can safely leave your personal items behind without a worry. That way, you can enjoy sufficient privacy and tranquility, save a bunch of money, and build a close connection with like-minded office partners. At 42workspace we make sure that your partner is perfectly matched with you and your company.

Quite a few beautiful and innovative companies have already been established at 42workspace!

Here some the advantages of a shared office space:

– Flexible solution
– Pricing advantage
– Upgraded facilities

Please fill out our form below as detailed as possible, so that the 42workspace team can help you to find the best solution.


Shared Workspaces