TECH NOIR: New concept coming to 42workspace

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 Ohad Gilad     February 27, 2024

We have some exciting news!

We are finally able to share the new plans for the ground floor of 42workspace. Over the past few months, we have found the perfect match of entrepreneurs who will take ownership of the new ground floor concept: TECH NOIR. The new concept will take care of food, drinks, and events! The opening of TECH NOIR is planned for the 1st of September 2021. They will start with a pop-up terrace on the 1st of July, as well as the reconstruction of the ground floor.

As we are always striving to provide our members with the best facilities and amenities to help them grow, we realized that it was time for a change. By giving ownership to professional entrepreneurs, we are confident that TECH NOIR will provide much more added value to the ground floor than we are currently capable of. 42workspace and our wonderful community mean the world to us. Therefore, we have carefully selected the right partner and have come to an agreement that will satisfy the needs of our community. We have been working very hard to ensure a smooth transition.

TECH NOIR is the nightclub in the movie The Terminator. In the new restaurant/bar/event space you can expect a nostalgic throwback to the 80s, with music and a fitting interior. TECH NOIR is owned by the former owner of restaurant Rauwdouwer, Loran Reemer-Brandenburg and his partner Bram Spruit. “I’ve been making playlists for months with all the 80s music I can find. Nice to get in the mood.” Their theme will be TECH during the day, NOIR at night. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with TECH NOIR.

Check out some impressions on their Instagram

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