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 Ohad Gilad     March 18, 2018

We at 42workspace are proud of our coworking space and our members. As we are the only curated community for tech and digital entrepreneurs in Rotterdam, we have a pretty awesome bunch of members. Every week we want to introduce one of our members and share their 42story. We call it we are 42workspace. This week we sat down with Sander and Richard from Efficiator. Efficiator is there to make homeowners and large corporates to be more sustainable and green. Going green has never been so much fun with these two. Want to know more about Efficiator? Visit their website here!

What do you do at 42workspace?
We are developing ‘Efficiator’, our company that helps homeowners and large corporates to become sustainable and green. We are working hard to find our first customers with whom we will launch the Efficiator and getting ready for investors to help us!

Who is your target group?
Home owners that want to contribute to a better world and stop buying fossil fuels. We provide them with the one-stop-shop to an A++ label everybody will soon be needing.

What was your biggest success when it comes to entrepreneurship?
Richard has had several companies and his main focus was to achieve a better place for people. He has worked in Canada, Germany and England. Efficators last success was convincing Rockstart (a startup accelerator) to join their accelerator program. Sanders biggest success is becoming a co-founder of the Efficiator.

Did you also have any failures whilst being an entrepreneur?
Efficiators has had their fair share of failures but has their own motto: Your success is measured by the way you can conquer your failures.

Why 42workspace?
We like to be a part of this start-up community where you can find like-minded people that want to help each other find the answer which is obviously: 42workspace (The answer to everything in life).

What is your favorite spot at 42?
We love multiple spots at 42workspace. The egg chair on the first floor is good to sit and be really concentrated. The boothseats are really good for brainstorm-sessions with other groups of start-ups.

What do you think about the community at 42?
Despite the focus on tech start-ups, the diversity is still big, this inspires us to improve and grow. In return, we try to do the same with other start-ups. We just finished an accelerator program in
Amsterdam. But yet we still can learn from different walk-in workshops that are provided at 42.

Want to know more about 42? Come and check us out and book a tour here!

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