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see, the number 42 is the answer to everything

OK, we’re exaggerating slightly. But 42workspace is the answer to all your needs as a daring, dauntless, digital entrepreneur

42workspace is Rotterdam’s only curated community for tech and digital entrepreneurs, located in the beating heart of the city. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you connect on a professional and personal level. Flexible membership plans are tailored to your needs no matter the size of your company. Our members? From VR innovators to next-gen platform builders – we have them

There are a lot of flexible community spaces available to businesspeople in Rotterdam. But there’s no other place where tech and digital entrepreneurs can create a community, broaden each other’s networks and horizons, and do it all on the vibrant Witte de Withstraat. Come see for yourself: 42workspace is only four minutes away from the Beurs metro station. 

Shouldn’t work be fun? (Hint: Yes).  It’s what happens when you surround yourself with other creative thinkers, disruptive innovators, and daring digital entrepreneurs – plus great coffee. Fun is the secret ingredient of 42workspace. And who knows, that new 42workspacer who just flew in on rollerblades might just be the co-founder of your next start-up.

born rotterdammer

42workspace was born in Rotterdam. We’ve got the Rotterdam mentality for sure, a  let’s get stuff done attitude that says: Challenges are part of life so deal with it. Obstacles demand a little extra effort. Sometimes you fail. Then you reboot. No big deal. Next? [By the way Rotterdam is also a major European cultural destination and a ‘travel must see’ in the NYT, the Guardian and the Lonely Planet.]

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strong community

Community is kind of a DIY thing: you want to build it with people who understand and support your values, and who bring skillsets and experience you may need. The strong focus on community at 42workspace has resulted in a group of like-minded people that bounce ideas off of each other, tackle challenges together, build long lasting relationships and most importantly – co-create.

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tech & digital hub

42workspace is a hub of tech and digital entrepreneurs who are ready to launch the future. We handpick our members that have a scalable business model, a pay-it-forward mindset, and a no-nonsense attitude: people who like to try things, who hustle a lot,  talk a little, fail fast and reboot faster.  Our core members consist of strictly tech & digital entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. 

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42workspace values your input. After all, we’re in this together. If you’re a member of our workspace you are also a part of creating it. This includes everything from hosting your own events to shaping the way both our niside and outside areas will look. 

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flexible plans

42workspace offers you flexible monthly contracts to fit your needs. From one-(wo)man-shows to larger startups, we have the space you are looking for. Growing fast? Our membership plans are scalable, allowing you to grow into a larger office within 42workspace.

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community events

42workspace hosts enticing tech digital events that will introduce you to new concepts, new perspectives, new people & new businesses. From community dinners and casual drinks to leadership talks and networking events. So come to one of our events and meet our community!

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