42workspace - Code of Conduct

At 42workspace we aim to have an inspiring, meaningful and supportive community.  We care to be an inclusive and safe community – both online and offline. Our code of conduct helps us achieve this.

It outlines how we interact with each other, how the community interacts with the 42 crew, how we make use of the facilities, and what you can do to have a positive influence on the community.

  1. Our tech hub, a strong foundation for the growth of your startup
  2. A shared environment – care about your fellow members, the 42-crew and 
  3. Work hard, play nice, party harder – Enjoy life to the fullest 
  4. Respect the code, respect the team 
  5. Diversity is the key to: better results, better balance, more fun, more of everything 
  6. No Asshole Policy – really.
  7. Don’t go solo – give and get back
  8. Go big, be radically ambitious
  9. Culture eats strategy for breakfast – be part of the 42 spirit <3
  10. 42 is the answer 


If you have anything to report, feedback or great ideas, please reach out to our team, we take this very seriously. We can setup a personal meeting, or you can mail us at hello @ 42workspace.com