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Startups require a lot more than just an office, fast Wi-Fi, and unlimited amounts of coffee. They need a home. A place where the community shares their passion and vision while helping each other grow bigger and better. This is the story of 42workspace. Also know as 42 workspace, workspace 42, forty-two, or even forty second 😉 Anyway: our story. 

As a tech-focused coworking space, we recognize the critical need for rapid scalability in the dynamic world of startups.

Drawing from decades of experience in backing tech ventures such as Otrium, Notificare, Crobox, Nestpick, and ABOSS, the founders of 42workspace identified a notable gap in suitable office spaces for early-stage tech firms in Rotterdam. This realization sparked the inception of 42workspace in 2017, a visionary and future-proof coworking space.

Today, 42workspace stands as a central hub for innovative tech startups, software and data-driven companies, as well as seasoned IT scale-ups, all aspiring to carve out a global success story. What sets us apart is our robust, like-minded, and supportive community. Rigorous curation ensures that companies entering 42workspace align seamlessly with the existing community, fostering a thriving environment.

Welcome to the future of work: coworking.

You might be wondering, why coworking? We firmly believe that the coworking concept is gaining paramount importance in today’s society, particularly in Rotterdam. It not only provides a dedicated space to separate your work-life from your personal life but also facilitates connections with fellow innovators, fostering an environment of inspiration and collaboration.

While workspaces and offices vary, traditional offices often share common issues that can gradually impact your well-being. Monotonous, uninspiring design, inadequate lighting, inflexibility, and a lack of community spirit—these factors may not be immediately apparent, but their cumulative effects can significantly affect your life and mental health.

To address these challenges, 42workspace is meticulously designed to positively impact both your physical and mental well-being. Recognizing the extended hours spent in front of screens, we prioritize creating a healthy environment for all coworkers and companies. Our ergonomic seating ensures you leave the office without debilitating back pain, while an array of plants maintains fresh and clean air. Natural lighting in every office is designed to enhance your overall mood, focus, and energy levels. In essence, every aspect of our coworking space is crafted to preserve your sanity and well-being, providing the productivity boost necessary for your business growth.

Meet the 42workspace tech community.

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