We are Rotterdam's Tech Coworking Community

Startups require a lot more than just an office, fast Wi-Fi, and unlimited amounts of coffee. They need a home. A place where the community shares their passion and vision while helping each other grow bigger and better. This is the story of 42workspace. Also know as 42 workspace, workspace 42, forty-two, or even forty second 😉 Anyway: our story. 

As a coworking space with a focus on tech, we understand how important it is to be able to scale up quickly when needed.

Based on decades of experience investing in tech startups like  Otrium, Notificare, Crobox, Nestpick and ABOSS, the founders of 42workspace noticed a lack of suitable offices and workspaces for early-stage tech firms in Rotterdam. This required an innovative and future-proof solution, which lead to the conceptualization of 42workspace in 2017.

Today, 42workspace is a hub for innovative tech startups, software, and data-driven companies, and experienced IT scale-ups, aiming to grow into a global success story. What makes us unique, however, is our strong, like-minded, and supportive community. The companies looking to move into the 42workspace offices are carefully curated. In order to ensure a blossoming and future-proof community, we make a selection of entrepreneurs and companies that are perfectly aligned with the current crew and are motivated to help each other in the long run. Workspace 42 is the answer. 


The future of working is coworking.

You might ask yourself, why coworking? We believe that the concept of coworking is becoming increasingly important in our current-day society, especially in Rotterdam. Not only does it provide a space to separate your work-life from your private life, but it also allows you to get in touch with other innovators and inspire each other with new ideas and collaborations.

Every workspace or office is different, but most of the traditional offices share common problems that can eventually affect your wellbeing. Bland, uninspiring workspace design, poor lighting, lack of flexibility, and no sense of a community— all of these factors are usually not directly noticeable, but they can have a significant impact on your life and mental health.

To beat this problem, 42workspace is designed to have a beneficial effect on both your physical and mental health. Considering the long hours that most of us need to spend sitting down in front of a screen, we need to establish a healthy environment for all our coworkers and companies. Our ergonomic seats make sure you won’t leave your office with crippling back pain, while the wide variety of plants keeps the air fresh and clean. The natural lighting in every office takes care of your overall mood, focus, and energy levels. All in all, everything in our coworking space is meant to keep you sane and healthy while giving you the productivity boost you need to grow your business.


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