FAQ - 42workspace

42 is the answer! But what is the question ?

If you cannot find your answers below, we can always consult deepthought for an answer.

What does the number “42” mean?
In the science fiction novel, ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ written by Douglas Adams, the numbers 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

What kind of membership types does 42workspace offer?

We offer all kinds of memberships tailored to your needs, dreams and wishes. We offer day passes, flex desks, dedicated desks and private offices. And we believe in flexibility, so all our membership plan are based on monthly contracts.

What is included in my membership at 42workspace?
Every membership at 42workspace includes all you can drink coffee, tea and water, high-speed internet, access to the online community platform and events. Depending on your membership, you may pay extra for other facilities and services, check the spaces & pricing page for more details.

Oh yeah, just a tiny significant detail. We have a magnificent rooftop which is open to all members. Come and visit us and we will tell you all about it!

Can I just stop by at the location or should I make an appointment for an individual tour?
Of course, you can stop by our office at the Schiedamse Vest 154 in Rotterdam. Yes, it would be ideal if you book a tour prior to your visit, to make sure our lovely staff has the time to show you around and have a chat with. We love to put time and effort into our tours, to give you the right information and vibe! Book your tour right here! 

How about inviting guest/partners to 42workspace?
Yes, of course! Invite your guest and offer them a good cup of coffee or tea. Guest can be there for a couple of hours free of charge. Please, bare in mind that guests are not official 42members. This entails you taking responsibility for their behaviour during their visit to 42workspace.

What about bring pets to 42workspace?
You can bring your pets to the office if they are healthy, sweet for our members, if they don’t destroy our beloved workspace and if they behave. See this as privileges and beware that we behold the right to refuse pets that misbehave.

How many people fit in a Private Office?
We have offices units with a minimum of 3 desks to 55 desks. We can always take or add desks to your liking.

Are there parking spots available?
As you know, we are situated in the beating heart of the city. We have limited parking private pakring spots, please ask for availability. Most of the time there are payed parking spots in the streets around our workspace. Further, we offer these options:

Exclusively to 42members with an office.
Subject to availability
€160,- (ex. vat) per month

APCOA Parking Westblaak (3 min walking distance from 42workspace)
Option 1: Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 19:00 for €135,- ex. vat a month.
Option 2:  24/5 €163 vat. a month
Option 3: 24/7 €190 ex. vat. a month

You can also park by the following rates at this garage: € 2,00 for each 38 minutes plus potentially the part of every next 38 minutes. for more info please check APCOA Parking Westblaak website.

Museum Parking Garage (9 min walking distance from 42workspace)
Museum Park is a municipal car park, with lower parking rates at: € 2,- per hour
or € 10,- for 10 hours if you reserve upfront via: reserve your parking spot 
Subscriptions are also available for this garage, starting at € 61,- per month


How about printing at 42workspace?
Yes, you can print at this tech and digital hub. We all have to print once in a while.

For 42members with an office membership the printer is included. This doesn’t mean we want you to print copies of books like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy! Print with caution and always think about the environment! Remember, living on Mars is still not possible!

If you have a flex membership we will print your files for you:

Printing or Copying: Black&White €0.10 cents per page, Colour €0.25 per page (ex VAT)

What about postal service?
Yes, you can get your post and packages delivered at 42workspace. For office members this is included in the price, flex membership can enjoy this service at an additional price.

Office members will get their post and packages delivered to their office unit. Did you order anything gigantic or in big quantities? We will give you a sign so you can pick it up at the reception. Obviously, we will always give you a helping hand!

What if my company needs a phone service?
This is not included in the membership, but definitely something we offer as an add-on!