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frequently asked questions

What does the number 42 mean?

Originally form the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the almighty answer to the meaning of Life, Tech, the Universe and Everything. The number was calculated by the computer Deep Thought for seven million years.

are 42workspace memberships really month-to-month?

yes! if you decide to leave for any reason - extended vacation, moving your business to eindhoven, whatever - we do request a 2-week notice of your ending your membership. but it’s all up to you.

can guests visit me in my private office?

of course! the idea is to have a fully-functioning business in a totally cool space. please invite guests. and offer them coffee and tea. An hour or two is fine, however please remember that your guests are not members of 42workspace.

can i add mail and package handling?

yes, for dedicated desk or private office memberships it’s part of the membership. There is a additional fee for flex members

can i host an event at 42workspace?

yes - although it should be related to our sharing-the-brilliance, co-creative, tech-and-digital entrepreneurship concept. [no raves. no yoga. no gun shows.] if it is related to our concept. contact us here.

can i stop in or should i make an appointment for a tour?

It's better to plan ahead, so we can find enough time to show you around and have a coffee. You can schedule a tour here: 42workspace Tour

do i have to wait until the 1st of the month to start my membership?

flexibility, remember? start your membership when you like - you’ll pay an amount proportional to the time still left in that month (for example, if you start on the 15th of a month, you pay half the monthly fee). your first full-month payment begins on the 1st of the following month.

how do i cancel my membership plan?

send an email to hello [at] 42workspace [dot] com

how do i reserve a conference room or a workspace?

You can do this through our social community platform. You’ll get log-in information as soon as you become a member of 42workspace.

how do i update my payment information?

send an email to finance [at] 42workspace [dot] com

how is my private office priced for expansion?

start with a fixed room fee, as low as €300 per month. then add a service fee of €175 per person to cover all the features and benefits above. the minimum private office fee is €650 per month.

i am a member of 42workspace and think it’s ideal for other entrepreneurs i know - so does 42workspace give referral rewards?

yes! once your referee is signed up and paid up, you may be eligible for a month’s free membership! read the fine print.

is 42workspace pet friendly?

your well-behaved animal friend is invited if you can provide proof of vaccination. we love pets. but please note that this is a privilege, and that we reserve the right to - at our exclusive discretion - restrict the entrance of pets who, while perfectly wonderful at home may be a bit challenged in our spaces. [ie: no pooping, peeing, barking, biting, fleas, scratching of other entrepreneurs, destruction of property, etc.]

it’s time for me to move on - how much notice do you need?

a minimum of 2 weeks before you leave.

my company is growing/shrinking and we need to upgrade our membership plan. can we?

yes! talk to us - our contracts flex to fit your organisation’s needs.

What about printing?

if you have a dedicated desk or private office membership, black and white printings is included. There are no printing limits, however, do think about those beautiful trees that produce oxygen for us.

For flex members, the prices (A4) are the following: 

Printing b&w: 10c

Printing color: 50c

Copying: 10c/50c

what does my membership at 42workspace include?

every membership at 42workspace includes unlimited (and we think rather delicious) coffee and tea, high speed internet, the opportunity to use the 42workspace auditorium for events and presentations, and a standing invitation to our members-only community events. oh, and admittance to our rooftop gym. bring a towel. Click here for more information.

What if my company needs phone service?

We can set that up for you once you're here.

what is your private office pricing?

a service fee of €175,- per person for utilities a fixed room fee starting from €300,-

what membership plans does 42workspace offer?

just need a launch pad? try our flex desks. you get all the features and benefits listed above. for a mere €150 per month. bring your laptop, grab a coffee, sit down at one of our shared desks. easy peasy. ready to claim a more permanent space in our digital universe? time for a dedicated desk. just €225 per month. in addition to the benefits above, you get a fully fitted workspace, postal service, print credits, free meeting rooms (book ahead!) and a private locker. thanks for moving in. we love you. you’re rocking the known universe and want a place to grow your business? scale up to a private office. starting at €650 per month for a 2-person office in the heart of rotterdam. you get everything above (except the locker because, hey, you’ve got your own office). scalable to 10+ people.

what private office sizes are available?

2, 3, 6, 8 & 10 person. But of course, we can always add and remove desks from your office if you'd like.

what’s the deal with meeting rooms?

We have multiple meeting rooms that can host up to 20 people. Here's a list of services that are included when you book one yourself: 

  • WiFi
  • Tea & Coffee 
  • Flipchart
  • TV Screen
  • Snacks (for breakfast / lunch = + €4.5pp
  • Lunch = + €13.5pp

If you have a private office at 42workspace, booking meeting rooms is for free.

For 42members, we charge an hourly room fee of €30,- 

For 42flex, we charge an hourly room fee of €10,- 

can i rent out 42workspace for an event?

Yes! We'd love to have you over. In order to stick to our theme, most of the events that we host are tech & digital. 

For the theatre, we have the following prices:

Half-day (8-12 or 13-18) = €375,- 

Full-day (8-22) = €500,-

Additionally, fresh snacks are €4.5,- per person, and delicious lunch is €13.5,- per person