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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the number "42" mean?

Originated form the science fiction book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams, the number "42" is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

The number was calculated by the computer Deep Thought. To honour that, we named one of our meeting rooms after it. Also, all the other meeting rooms refer to the characters from the book, such as Vogon Poetry, Magrathea. Sounds familiar? Curious to know the whole story? We have several books spread all over the building. Find one and dig in!

What kind of membership types does 42workspace offer?

We give you a few options to get involved depending on your needs, dreams, demands and wishes:

*Wondering if coworking is something for you? Or maybe just looking for an office space in the heart of Rotterdam? Or you would like to experience working between other tech & digital geniuses?  Do not want to jump your head first or can not make a decision? Sign up for a individual tour or come & try it out for FREE for 42 hours.

*Just for a day in Rotterdam? One of our members is your partner & you need to work side-by-side for a day? In need for environmental change? Just come along & for €15.- we will provide you with a full membership of 42workspace for a day. See what is included in your day pass here.

*You need a space to work on a frequent basis? Or you need a launch pad? We suggest you to go for our flex desks membership option for €99.- per month. Grab your laptop, pour a cup of slow coffee, choose a spot, say "Hi!" to your neighbours & ready you are to cowork. Easy peasy, right? See what is included in your day pass here.

*In case you’re already rocking the Universe & want a place to grow your business, we suggest you to scale up to our private office membership. Depending on the space & the amount of members, you pay a fee for the office (starting from €275.- per month), plus a €175.- membership fee per person (with the minimum occupancy of 3 desks per office). All services & facilities are included (with some exceptions).
Need advice? Schedule an individual tour & see it for yourself. We can not wait to meet you!

What is included in my membership at 42workspace?

Every membership at 42workspace includes unlimited (and we think rather delicious) filter coffee & tea, high speed Internet, access to the Online Community Platform & access to the events. Depending on the membership status, additional costs may apply for other facilities & services. 

Oh, there's something cookin' on our rooftop. Curious? Sign up for a tour or become a member right away & we'll tell you all about it.

Can I just stop by at the location or should I make an appointment for an individual tour?

Of course you can just stop by at our location on the Schiedamse Vest 154 in Rotterdam. Yet, it's better to plan ahead as the right people to show you around & have a cup of coffee with you might not be present/ available on that moment. We would like to take our time to show you around & tell our story, rather than doing things hasty. You can schedule a tour here.

Do I have to wait until the 1st of the month to start/ determine my membership?

Flexibility, remember? Start your membership whenever you like. For example, if you start on the 15th of a month, you will pay half of the monthly fee. Your first full monthly payment will be charged on the 1st of the following month.

Of course we never want you to leave us. But if life has other plans & you decide to leave for whatever reason - extended vacation, moving your business to Eindhoven- we would like you to let our Sales team a.s.a.p. know about your wish to determine your contract by sending an e-mail to hello (at) 42workspace (dot) com. Please do that minimally 2 weeks beforehand. The same flexibility in payment regulation applies as for becoming a member.

How about inviting guest/ partners to 42workspace?

Of course! The idea is to have a fully-functioning business in a totally cool space. Please invite guests & offer them coffee or tea. An hour or two is fine. Please remember that your guests are not members of 42workspace. Hence, we hold you responsible for their behaviour & we do not appreciate you guests using the space & facilities for developing their business.

For more read in the house rules we have provided you.


What about bringing pets to 42workspace?

Yes! Your well-behaved non-human friend is welcome, if you can provide a proof of vaccination & can guarantee that it does not disturb the concentration of other members. Please note that this is a privilege & we reserve the right to - at our exclusive discretion - restrict pets who at home might behave perfectly wonderful, but their behaviour may be a bit challenged in our spaces due to a lot of (new) people  [ie: pooping, peeing, barking, biting, fleas, scratching of other entrepreneurs, destruction of property, etc.].

How many people fit in a Private Office?

We have Private Offices available starting from 3 desks up to 10+ desks. We can always add/ remove desks if necessary.

How do we calculate the price of a Private Office at 42workspace?

The Private Office space prices are a combination of fixed office space fee (starting from €275.-) & individual membership fees for utilities (€175.- per person). We have office spaces available with the minimum capacity of 3 members per office up to 10+ member per office. In case renting an office space with more desks than necessary (with expansion in mind), 70% of the maximum capacity of desks/memberships per office space has to be covered. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Are there parking spots available?

Because of our central location in the city centre, the parking service is limited. However, due to the interest in the possibilities among the members we have mapped some of the options:

6+ offices only
1 spot per office
200.- (excl. VAT) per month

APCOA City Parking 3min walk from 42workspace:
option 1 (Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm 135.- excl. VAT per month)
option 2 (24/5 163.- excl. VAT per month)
option 3 (24/7 190.- excl. VAT per month)
Paid quarterly & directly to APCOA (we will help you to arrange the contract)

How about printing at 42workspace?

Yes you can. Despite the tech & digital vibe, some things a man gotta do! No worries.

The black & white, as well as colour printing service is included in the membership costs for Private Office members. For day pass owners & Flex Desk memberships printing is available for additional costs - 10c per sheet for Black & White/ 50c per sheet for Colour printing. The same regulations accounts for copying.

There are no printing limits. However, do think about those beautiful trees that produce oxygen for us? Life on Mars is not fully confirmed yet.


What about postal service?

Yes, you can have your mail & packages delivered at 42workspace.

For Flex Desk Membership we collect your mail at the reception & keep it for 30 days. Please, worry about your post. Otherwise it will end up in the paper shredder.

Private Office membership includes postal service. This means that we will deliver your post to your office. However, big packages we kindly ask you to come & get them from the reception. No worries. We will notify you when it is here.

Does 42workspace organises event? Can I organise an event at 42workspace?

Yes! & Yes!

We have events happening here. Many of them are open to everyone. Check our events calendar on our website or on our Facebook page. But stay close. Not all the events are advertised on Social Media. Psst! 

We'd love to have you over. In order to stick to our theme, most of the events that we host are tech & digital. However, exceptions can be made. Although it should be related to our sharing-the-brilliance, co-creative, tech-&-digital entrepreneurship concept. So no raves. No yoga. No gun shows. Contact us here.

We are also open to/ interested in partnership deals. What's in it for us & what's in it for you? Come by & let's have a chat or contact us to make an appointment.

For renting the Theater, we have the following prices: Half-day €375.- / Full-day €500.-

For renting our Meeting rooms (up to max 15 people), we have the following hourly rate: €30.- 

Additional costs apply when Food & Drinks services are required. We will make an offer for you depending on your needs & the amount of guests.

Our inhouse hospitality & events are arranges & organised in collaboration with True Food Kantine. 

What about booking/ renting out the meeting rooms?

We also rent out our meeting rooms, no matter whether you are a member or no-member. For the Private Office members the meeting room usage is included in their monthly membership fee. For Flex Desk members the hourly fee is €10.-  (ex. VAT). Whereas, for the Day Pass owners & external guests the hourly rate is €30.- per hour (ex. VAT).

Additional costs apply when Food & Drinks services are required. We will make an offer for you depending on your needs & the amount of guests.

42workspace members can register their meeting room time frame (no longer than 4 continuous hours per day) via our online community platform. You will be provided with access during your onboarding process. Sign up to get access to it! There is much more happening than just meeting room shizzle.

Non-members can contact us here or just come along to make arrangements.

What if my company needs a phone service?

This is not included in the standard package, but we can arrange it for you if necessary.

Does 42workspace give referral rewards?

Yes! Once your referee is signed up & paid up, you both are eligible for a month’s free membership. You can refer here. Easy peasy once again!