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Coworking Day Pass in Rotterdam

Discover the world of coworking with our Day Pass at 42workspace—an ideal way to experience the vibrant atmosphere of our community for a day. Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam on de Witte de With street, this offering provides more than just a workspace; it’s a taste of the collaborative environment designed to foster business growth.

Experience Flexibility for a Day

Purchase a Day Pass, and immerse yourself in everything our flex membership has to offer. Seamlessly integrate into the dynamic 42-community, sharing spaces with like-minded individuals. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing our coworking space on the skyfloor, granting you the freedom to choose the perfect spot for a day of productivity.

Prime Location Experience

Position yourself for success with our Day Pass in the prime location of de Witte de With. The strategic locale sets the stage for your business endeavors. Experience the visually stunning 20-meter high mural by Daan Botlek, a symbol of our commitment to collaboration and community. Elevate your workday in a space that embodies excellence, innovation, and the dynamic spirit of Rotterdam.

Day Pass Perks

  • Meeting Spaces: Get access to any of our 5 pay-per-use meeting rooms via our online community platform, empowering you to host meetings seamlessly.
  • Phone Booths: Need to take a video call or dial someone? Effortlessly reserve a separate phone booth whenever you need to.
  • Fully Equipped Pantry: Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and more at our pantry, complete with a high-end espresso machine and other essentials.
  • Light-Speed Wi-Fi: Stay connected with our high-speed and secure VLAN Wi-Fi network, ensuring seamless productivity.
  • Printing Services: Access printers on all floors, striking a balance between your printing needs and environmental consciousness.
  • 42community Access: Join our extensive network, gaining access to exclusive deals, discounts, and opportunities from our partners. Enjoy automatic invitations to community events, drinks, parties, and more.

Want to work for a day or get familiar with our coworking space? Book a Day Pass with us!

Cowork Day Pass

Day Pass

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