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A desk with 24/7 access, more privacy, free meeting room bookings, and better facilities

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  • All previous benefits
  • 24/7 access
  • Free meeting rooms
  • Upgraded facilities

Your premium workspace

A premium desk membership is a significant upgrade to the flex desk. Premium desk members gain 24/7 access to the entire building and the dedicated premium desk area, located on the first floor.

24/7 access, year-round

As a premium desk member, you will receive an electronic key tag that will give you access to the entire building. You can access your workspace outside of opening hours, during weekends, and even during official holidays!

Monthly contract

We’re flexible with our contracts and don’t like to restrict our members. What does that mean for you? All of our memberships are based on month-to-month contracts. Decided to upgrade to a private office? No problem– just pack your stuff and move to an office that suits your needs.

Meeting spaces

A premium desk membership gives you access to free meeting room bookings. This means that you can reserve any of our 5 meeting rooms throughout the whole building using our online platform, anytime you need it.

Business registration

A premium desk membership automatically includes business registration and mail handling. This means that you can register your business at our address free of charge and we will handle your mail at the front desk.

Free coffee, tea and more

We’ve got you covered! The premium desk area has access to a pantry with a high-end automatic espresso machine, a Quooker boiling water tap, a fridge, and multiple cupboards stocked with everything you need to prepare a drink or a meal. No need to worry about spending too much on beverages to keep you going!

Light-speed Wi-Fi

Internet is, of course, included. We offer you unlimited free access to our gigabit-speed Wi-Fi.

Wholesome lunch

42workspace members receive a discounted price on our all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. For the member price of only €5.50, you can fill your plate (and your belly) with as much as you’d like!


Premium desk members have access to the printers on all floors. Print to your heart’s content, but please be mindful of the environment! 😉


All membership plans grant you access to the 42community. This means that you instantly gain a large network, as well as several deals, discounts, and opportunities from our partners. Not only that, but you’ll be automatically invited to all of our events, parties, and other special occasions reserved for our community.

Healthy body, healthy mind


Wholesome "home"-cooked meals

Lunch Buffet

Work in the sun (when it shows itself)

Rooftop Access

Parking available at 42 and surrounding areas


Facilities and extras at 42workspace

As part of your coworking space membership, you will gain access to several facilities:

Want to see the workspace for yourself? Book a tour and we'll show you around:

Unlimited access

Premium Desk

225 per month

  • All previous benefits
  • 24/7 access
  • Free meeting rooms
  • Upgraded facilities