Private office

Private Office

Your private office at our 42workspace tech hub, with 24/7 year-round access.

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  • All previous benefits
  • Private office space
  • Furnished office
  • Includes cleaning

Private Office space in Rotterdam

42workspace flexible office spaces in Rotterdam provide privacy and security just like a traditional office setup along with many facilities. By opting for a private office in our coworking space, you can save the upfront expenses of office equipment and furnishings.

Private offices enhance productivity and creativity allowing remote workers to maintain contact with team members while providing a lot of networking opportunities.

Your Private workspace in Rotterdam

The private office membership gives you 24/7 access to your own private office on the top floors of our coworking space. Private workspaces range from 10m² to 300m² and they are suitable for startups and scaleups of all sizes. Renting a private office for your company requires that you rent minimum 75% of the total number of desks within the office unit. For example, if an office has a maximum of 4 desks, then you are required to rent 3 out of 4 desks to make it exclusive to your company.

24/7 access to your private office, year-round

As a member of our private office, you gain exclusive privileges that enhance your workspace experience. Receive an electronic key tag that grants you seamless access to the entire building, enabling you to enter your private office whenever you need it. Enjoy the freedom to work outside of regular opening hours, on weekends, and even during official holidays.

Private Office Flexible Monthly Contract

We understand that having a private office is crucial for your business, and we are committed to offering flexible contract options that prioritize your needs. What does this mean for you? Well, all our memberships revolve around convenient month-to-month contracts, ensuring that you have the freedom to choose and personalize your private office space.

Whether you require a larger workspace or desire a more secluded environment, our solution is simple: just pack your belongings and seamlessly transition to a private office that perfectly aligns with your preferences and business objectives.

Access to Meeting Space with your Private Office

Unlock the full potential of a private office membership and enjoy the exclusive benefits that come with it. Accessible meeting spaces are just the beginning.

With us, you have the privilege of reserving any of our 5 state-of-the-art meeting rooms located throughout our entire building. Seamlessly book these private office sanctuaries via our user-friendly online platform, providing you with the convenience to schedule meetings anytime you need them.

Business registration

A private office membership includes essential services such as business registration and mail handling. By joining us with your private office, you can register up to 3 business at our prestigious address, completely free of charge. Extra cost apply for more than 3 registrated businesses. Plus, we take care of your mail at the front desk, ensuring your business correspondence is handled efficiently and professionally. 

Free coffee, tea and more

Your private office experience is further elevated by our thoughtful amenities. Indulge in the perks of a fully stocked pantry, equipped with a high-end automatic espresso machine, a Quooker boiling water tap, a fridge, and abundant cupboards filled with everything you need to prepare delightful beverages and meals. No need to worry about excessive expenses on drinks to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Light-speed Wi-Fi

Stay connected with lightning-fast Wi-Fi. We offer unlimited access to our gigabit-speed Wi-Fi network, ensuring that you never experience any connectivity hiccups while working in your private office.


Private office members enjoy unrestricted access to our printers on every floor. Print to your heart’s content while being mindful of the environment, as we encourage sustainable practices.


All membership plans grant you entry into our extensive network, offering valuable connections, exclusive deals, discounts, and exciting opportunities from our esteemed partners. You’ll also receive automatic invitations to our captivating events, lively parties, and other special occasions exclusively reserved for our esteemed community.

Before you make your final decision, we recommend reading our complete guide on office spaces in Rotterdam. It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know before selecting the ideal private office space for your thriving tech startup.


Healthy body, healthy mind, included in your membership

Gym is included

Limited private parking spaces available at 42, for 200,- euro per month

Parking (extra fee)

Work or enjoy the sun (when it shows itself)

Best Rooftop of Rotterdam

Facilities and extras at 42workspace

42workspace offers many standard facilities such as Kitchen, Coffee & Tea, Rooftop Lounge, Event Spaces, a Fully Equipped Gym and more.

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Private office

Private Office

350 desk / month

  • All previous benefits
  • Private office space
  • Furnished office
  • Includes cleaning