5 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Choose a Coworking Space 🏬

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 admin     February 17, 2024

1. It saves you money 💰

Maintaining your own office can be difficult, and costly. On average, tech companies can save as much as 30%  on workspace costs when choosing to host their team in a coworking space, over a more traditional office. Shared spaces have the advantage of already offering basic maintenance services, so you don’t have to worry about paying to keep the place tidy and functional. Why not avoid the hassle and save some money at the same time?

2. You expand your network every day 📡

Coworking spaces are vibrant and dynamic. At 42workspace, we see an average of 2-3 new hires/members joining our coworking space each week! There will always be new faces with whom you can casually chat with, as well as like-minded experts with whom you can sit down for hours discussing your niche. Coworking spaces are open, and we like to encourage this kind of “cross-contamination”.

3. You are surrounded by a friendly community 👯‍♂️

Speaking of openness: at 42workspace, our goal is to build a warm community. One of the biggest advantages of coworking is that you get to be part of a giant group of like-minded people. Work aside, you will find that most of your peers will crave an after-work chat over a cold beer, and it is very common that your office neighbor will knock on your door and ask you if you’re up for a round of ping-pong. You won’t find that kind of relaxed atmosphere working elsewhere.

4. You have more freedom to innovate ⚡️

Openness and flexibility stimulate creativity. Teams that work in coworking spaces with friendly atmospheres can experience increased morale and productivity.  In turn, this often leads to more innovative, out of the box thinking. This kind of work flexibility is slowly becoming the standard, so make sure you choose the right working space. You could be missing out on a lot of productivity if you or your employees feel constrained by the environment you work in!

5. You can work with the best international talent more easily 🧠

Hiring remote workers and digital nomads has never been so easy. Tech and digital startups are especially open to hiring remote international talent rather than focusing on recruiting locals. Coworking spaces with 24/7 access like 42workspace are available around the world, so this allows startups to hire internationally and then set up their employees at a local coworking space. This also means that businesses can focus on hiring the best talent, rather than choosing to hire people based on how close they live. Coworking spaces will offer everything they need to get work done, no matter where they are.

⏬ Sounds good, right? So what are you waiting for? ⏬

You can try out the coworking experience any day at 42workspace with the day pass and half-day pass (available for purchase at our front desk). Otherwise, if you’re convinced that you want to sign up for a full membership, you can check out our offers on our spaces and pricing page.