Mobile App Startups in the Netherlands – Top 25

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 42 marketing     June 17, 2024

In an era where mobile applications are reshaping industries, the Netherlands has emerged as a hub for innovative startups that are leveraging mobile technology to offer groundbreaking solutions. 

From transforming urban mobility with electric scooters to simplifying financial transactions and beyond, these companies are not only advancing technology but also enhancing user experiences across various sectors. 

Rotterdam and the Netherlands have become fertile grounds for mobile app startups to thrive and innovate as they develop innovative mobile solutions to enhance user experiences. Many of these startups are at the forefront of emerging trends like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, seamlessly integrating these technologies into their mobile applications. Rotterdam’s strong technical universities and growing entrepreneurial spirit also contribute to the mobile app ecosystem. 

This article highlights 25 mobile app startups like Dott, which is redefining urban transportation, Mollie in the fintech sector, Modulr’s financial services, and DashTag’s sports technology, showcasing how diverse the impact of mobile applications can be.

How We Ranked These Companies

All the companies featured in this list have been categorized under ‘mobile app’ and ranked via our highly advanced predictive algorithm, known as the Dealroom Signal. 

This new algorithm creates signals from the noise and makes finding the next big thing as easy as logging into your dashboard. The algorithm includes over a dozen inputs, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Growth rate (employee growth, product growth)
  • Completion score and contextual data (does the company fit into segments of interest)
  • Founding team composition (e.g. serial founders, past work experience and education)
  • Timing (is the startup likely to raise their next round soon). The general logic for startups that have received funding is that the score goes back to zero right after the round, peaks at 1 year, and then gradually declines. The timing score exact shapes varies by stage and is based on Dealroom proprietary benchmarks of timing between rounds (more details).

Dealroom signal is the average of these four inputs: completeness, founding team, growth rate, and timing.

Who is the Dealroom Signal for?

Dealroom Signal is used by the top VCs, corporates, government enablers, and founders to:

  • Discover the most promising companies
  • Stay at the forefront of innovation
  • Measure the growth of tech ecosystems 
  • Attract talent and fundraise
  • Regardless of your use case, Dealroom Signal provides predictive intelligence throughout the entire startup lifecycle.

Mobile App Startups in the Netherlands – Top 25


Sector: Supply Chain Visibility
hippeo specializes in real-time transportation visibility platforms, recognized as a leader by the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant. The company’s platform offers predictive insights and process automation to improve supply chain resilience and sustainability. It connects a vast network of carriers and shippers worldwide, providing high-fidelity data to drive more informed operational decisions across various transport modes.


Sector: Urban Mobility
Dott offers environmentally friendly urban transportation solutions in the form of electric scooters, accessible across 40 cities in Israel and Europe. Dedicated to responsible operations, Dott emphasizes in-house management of all aspects of service, prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability. They strive to integrate seamlessly into local ecosystems, reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring community-friendly transportation services.


Sector: Financial Technology
Mollie simplifies financial transactions for businesses, providing a platform that supports a variety of payment methods, including online and in-person payments. Serving over 200,000 businesses, from startups to large enterprises, Mollie offers tools for driving revenue, managing funds, and enhancing payment experiences. Their comprehensive services facilitate effortless payment processes, risk management, and subscription billing.


Sector: Financial Services
Modulr offers flexible and scalable payment solutions embedded directly into businesses, facilitating efficient money movement. Regulated by financial authorities, Modulr serves various industries with customizable payment functionalities, including the generation of physical and virtual cards and leveraging open banking technology. 


Sector: Consumer Electronics/Sports Technology
DashTag, operating from the Netherlands and the US, develops advanced wearable technology specifically for soccer players. Their product, the Dash, is a performance tracker that provides athletes with real-time data on various metrics like pace, power, and intensity. The data helps players optimize their performance and development, synced seamlessly with a user-friendly app for immediate feedback.


Sector: Financial Technology
Finom offers a comprehensive business banking solution catering to SMEs, freelancers, and new companies. They provide multi-banking services, which include fast issuance of local IBANs, high cashback rates, and seamless integration of physical and virtual cards. Finom’s platform also features powerful tools for managing payments, invoicing, and expenses, helping businesses operate efficiently and expand internationally with multi-currency support.


Sector: Financial Services
bunq offers mobile banking solutions designed to make life easier with a strong commitment to sustainability. This European Central Bank-regulated bank provides flexible investment options for deposits and features a range of banking plans, including free savings accounts and comprehensive banking packages that support environmental initiatives through activities like tree planting for every €100 spent.


Sector: Health Tech
Lia is an AI-powered posture training system that combines a smart wearable with a mobile app to diagnose and correct poor posture. The device offers customized training plans using machine learning to tackle specific posture issues, vibrates gently to alert users when they slouch, and is designed to be discreet for all-day wear.


Sector: Digital Healthcare
GoClinic is a digital care platform that enhances hospital and patient communications by digitizing care processes and integrating third-party solutions. The platform supports remote monitoring and provides tools for hospitals to improve patient interaction and clinical workflows, thereby enhancing the individual care experience.


Sector: Clinical Research
Castor offers a modern clinical trials platform designed to streamline patient experiences in research through its decentralized clinical trial solutions. It provides a robust electronic data capture system and supports patient engagement with tools like eConsent and ePRO, aiming to enhance data quality and study efficiency across the clinical trial lifecycle.


Sector: Assistive Technology
Envision uses AI to enhance the autonomy of individuals who are blind or have low vision. Their products include smartglasses and a mobile app that articulate visual information into speech, enabling users to read text, recognize faces, and describe environments. The technology is designed to foster greater independence and inclusivity for users worldwide.


Sector: E-commerce
Catawiki operates Europe’s most-visited curated marketplace for special objects, with over 75,000 items auctioned weekly. Specializing in rare and collectible items across various categories, Catawiki connects buyers and sellers in over 60 markets, ensuring quality and authenticity with expert curation. The platform offers a seamless transaction process, complete with secure payment methods and expert validation to maintain high standards.


Sector: Agriculture Technology
CropX develops advanced agronomic solutions using digital technology to increase farm productivity and sustainability. With a focus on soil sensor technology and efficient water usage, CropX’s integrated system helps farmers optimize irrigation and manage resources effectively. 

Spend Management Platform

Sector: Financial Technology
This global spend management platform offers comprehensive solutions for business expenses across multiple currencies and countries. It integrates advanced features like AI-powered receipt scanning, multi-entity management, and robust ERP integrations, aiming to simplify corporate spending. The platform enhances operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks and closing financial months faster, all while ensuring secure and compliant financial transactions.

StudeerSnel B.V.

Sector: Educational Technology
StudeerSnel, operating as Studocu outside the Netherlands, is an educational platform that provides students with access to extensive study materials across various universities worldwide. With over 60 million users and resources from 115K institutions, the platform facilitates academic success through shared knowledge and community support. It offers real-time access to study notes and educational content, helping students navigate their courses effectively.


Sector: Energy Technology
Tibber is a digital-first energy company revolutionizing the electricity market by providing customers with tools to reduce their energy bills and consumption. Launched in 2016, Tibber’s platform promotes sustainable energy usage by offering smart home products and real-time consumption insights. Expanding across Europe, Tibber empowers consumers to make energy-smart decisions, leveraging technology to ensure both economic and environmental benefits.


Sector: Transportation
Citysteps operates an app-based electric kick scooter rental platform in Breda, Netherlands. Established in 2019, it allows users to find nearby scooters, rent them using a QR code, and return them to designated spots. Catering primarily to the B2C market, Citysteps has not yet secured funding or investors, positioning it in a unique, early stage within the competitive micromobility industry.

Pyramid Analytics

Sector: Business Intelligence Software
Pyramid Analytics provides a top-ranked business intelligence platform, recognized for its capabilities in the BI & Analytics Survey 2024 and Gartner’s Critical Capabilities 2023. The company offers solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing business systems to enhance data-driven decision-making processes across various industries.

Tap Electric

Sector: Electric Vehicle Charging
Based in Amsterdam, Tap Electric offers a solution for electric vehicle charging that emphasizes reliability, affordability, and accessibility. The service enables both drivers to easily find and use charging stations and station operators to manage and monetize their installations effectively. Tap Electric’s approach combines community-driven insights and secure, convenient payment options, including a unique Tapkey for enhanced security.

Stingray Business

Sector: Media and Technology
Stingray Business is a global leader in music, media, and technology, providing a diverse array of services such as audio channels, 4K TV channels, radio, and karaoke, tailored for both consumers and businesses. Their offerings include digital signage and music streaming services for commercial spaces, aiming to enhance brand experiences through immersive audiovisual media.


Sector: Water Recycling
Hydraloop offers innovative water recycling solutions for homes, apartments, and commercial properties. Their products range from compact units for personal use to scalable systems for large buildings, all designed to significantly reduce water consumption by recycling water from showers, washers, and other domestic sources. Hydraloop’s technology not only saves water but also contributes to energy savings, enhancing sustainability in both urban and remote areas.


Sector: Employment Platform
Zenjob is a flexible staffing platform that connects companies with temporary workers, primarily students looking for side jobs. It simplifies the job-finding process, allowing users to secure short-term gigs in various fields such as retail and hospitality directly through a mobile app. Zenjob operates in numerous cities across Germany, providing a dynamic solution for both job seekers and employers needing temporary staffing.

Mobile App Startups in the Netherlands


Sector: E-Commerce / Online Marketplace
Based in Athens, Vendora specializes in facilitating the buying and selling of a wide range of new and used items. This marketplace caters to both individual consumers and business owners, offering products from sports equipment to professional gear. With a user-friendly platform, Vendora aims to make online transactions both easier and safer compared to traditional methods.


Sector: Educational Technology
Makeblock provides innovative educational solutions that focus on STEM education through robotics and programming tools for all levels of schooling. Their products include robot kits and laser engravers designed to enhance learning in technology and engineering. Makeblock’s solutions are used globally in over 20,000 schools, helping educators integrate hands-on science and technology lessons into their classrooms.


Sector: Eco-Tourism
Conservio offers eco-friendly travel experiences with a focus on conservation and sustainability. Their platform lists vetted accommodations like lodges and cabins that support local conservation efforts and employ sustainable practices. Located in various natural settings across South Africa and beyond, Conservio aims to connect travelers with nature while promoting environmental stewardship and community involvement.


Exploring the top 25 mobile app startups in the Netherlands reveals a vibrant landscape of innovation and enterprise. These companies, ranked through the predictive insights of Dealroom Signal, are at the forefront of their respective fields, demonstrating significant growth potential and readiness for upcoming funding opportunities. 

Whether it’s through enhancing digital healthcare, revolutionizing financial transactions, or leading the charge in sustainable transportation, each company contributes uniquely to the technological prowess of the Dutch startup ecosystem. 

As they continue to grow and attract investment, they not only promise to redefine their industries but also offer exciting opportunities for investors and technology enthusiasts looking to engage with the next wave of innovation.

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