We are 42workspace: Sander Reukema

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 Ohad Gilad     January 25, 2024

We are 42workspace: Sander Reukema

We at 42workspace are proud of our coworking space and our members. As we are the only curated community for tech and digital entrepreneurs in Rotterdam, we have a pretty awesome bunch of members. Every week we want to introduce one of our members and share their 42story. We call it we are 42workspace. This week we sat down with again another Sander. (We can’t keep track of all the Sanders in this building! Sander Reukema is our neighbor at 42workspace and rents the office next door to us! Besides all the fun Sander is also a Data Analyst. Looking for one? Contact Sander right now as he is open for business! 

What do you do at 42workspace?

At 42workspace I mainly work on Offcourse with Jan Hein, Charlotte and Christine. We are building an open source platform for crowdsourced learning. Besides that, I’m also working as a freelance data analyst.

Who is your target group?

My target groups are organizations that want to get insights into their data. This could be any organization, but I especially enjoy working for startups and mission-driven organizations. I like to contribute to the growth of an organization or to an innovative product that I can relate to.

What was your biggest success when it comes to entrepreneurship?

In the early stages of Offcourse we didn’t have any funding and needed to work very hard to apply for grants. I was very happy when I heard we got a grant from CityLab010, this was our very first source of income.

Did you also have any failures whilst being an entrepreneur?

I guess my biggest failure was when I was too focused on a current client and its project without looking at the (near) future. I realized too late that I needed to look for new clients, so now I’m more focused on growing my client base.

Why 42workspace?

42workspace is a great tech hub in the middle of Rotterdam. I love our view from the office on the second floor and also the people are very friendly. But I have to say the main reason is that I love the Witte de Withstraat! It’s my favorite street in Rotterdam.I really enjoy going out there for a walk or to get some food during a break.

What is your favorite spot at 42?

Obviously the roof top, the view is amazing. But I also love the meeting room on the ground floor, it’s my favorite room for brainstorms sessions! I guess it’s called “ the deep thought” for a reason..!

What do you think about the community at 42?

I have to say the community and the organization are pretty awesome. There’s a great vibe going on in the building. Next to this I really enjoy the activities that are being organized here like: meetups, yoga classes and community drinks.