Big Data Startups in the Netherlands – Top 25

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 42 marketing     June 4, 2024

The landscape of Big Data startups in the Netherlands is burgeoning with innovative companies poised to transform the tech ecosystem. This list of the top 25 startups showcases a range of pioneering firms, each leveraging big data to enhance their industry’s capabilities significantly. 

From EFFECT Photonics redefining data transmission with advanced photonic chips to LeydenJar’s breakthroughs in battery efficiency, these companies represent the forefront of technological advancement. 

Another notable mention is Weco, which uses data-driven insights to harness wave energy more efficiently. These firms are not only innovating within their sectors but are also setting the standards for what big data can achieve across various industries.

Rotterdam has emerged as a thriving hub for startups and scale-ups, witnessing a remarkable surge in startup investments, tripling from 2016 to 2019-2021. Big Data startups in Rotterdam are harnessing the power of vast and complex datasets to optimize supply chain operations, enhance cybersecurity and revolutionize healthcare through predictive analytics and personalized medicine.

How We Ranked These Companies

The companies featured in this list are pioneering advancements in the hardware sector, showcasing innovative technologies that are integral to various high-growth industries. 

From renewable energy and battery technology to photonics and telecommunications, these firms are at the forefront of developing tangible, physical products and solutions that enhance performance, efficiency, and sustainability. They have been ranked using the Dealroom Signal, which is a powerful predictive algorithm designed to identify the most promising funding opportunities among startups. 

This tool is essential for investors, corporates, and other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem looking to discover high-potential companies before they become mainstream.

How Dealroom Signal Works

Inputs and Calculations: The Dealroom Signal algorithm integrates over a dozen data points to produce a comprehensive evaluation of each startup. The four primary inputs are:

  1. Growth Rate: This includes metrics like employee and product growth, highlighting companies that are expanding rapidly.
  2. Completion Score and Contextual Data: This checks whether the company matches segments of interest, ensuring relevance and fit.
  3. Founding Team Composition: This input considers the background of the founding team, prioritizing experiences such as serial entrepreneurship and relevant past work or educational achievements.
  4. Timing: This assesses the likelihood of a startup raising its next funding round based on historical data and proprietary benchmarks related to the timing between funding rounds.

The final Dealroom Signal score averages these inputs, providing a balanced view of each company’s potential.

  • Integration and Accessibility: Dealroom Signal is seamlessly integrated into user dashboards, offering insights through features like top-ranked startups, rising stars, and fastest-growing companies in terms of employee size. It allows users to filter opportunities by funding stage, such as (Pre) Seed, Series A, and Breakout opportunities.
  • Personalization and Alerts: Users can personalize their experience by setting up alerts tailored to their specific criteria, such as industry focus or geographic location. This customization ensures that stakeholders receive relevant notifications about potential investment opportunities directly in their dashboards or through daily emails.

Target Audience

Dealroom Signal caters to a diverse range of users including:

  • Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors seeking the next big investment.
  • Corporate Innovation Teams looking for strategic partnerships or acquisitions.
  • Government and Economic Development Agencies aiming to support local startup ecosystems.
  • Founders and Startup Teams striving to gauge their growth and positioning for future fundraising.

Big Data Startups in the Netherlands – Top 25

Delta Diagnostics

Sector: Biotechnology
Delta Diagnostics is revolutionizing the field of biosensing with its photonic integrated circuits that enhance the capabilities of label-free, multiplexed biosensing. This technology allows for real-time, direct detection without the need for tagging, speeding up research and reducing costs significantly. By making sophisticated biosensing accessible to a broader range of researchers, Delta Diagnostics aims to accelerate drug development and biomarker validation, impacting various fields within life sciences.


Sector: Semiconductor Technology
Qualinx introduces a transformative approach to asset tracking with its Digital RF technology, tailored for next-generation IoT GNSS products. Their technology is celebrated for its ultra-low power consumption and minimal form factor, making it ideal for a wide range of tracking applications. Qualinx’s solutions are scalable, supporting systems from small to large scales, and are designed to integrate seamlessly into any radio framework, significantly reducing the analog components required.


Sector: Food Technology
Meatable is on a mission to produce real meat without the downsides of industrial farming, addressing ethical, environmental, and health concerns. By replicating natural growth processes of fat and muscle cells, Meatable creates succulent meat in weeks rather than years. This innovative approach not only circumvents the cruelty of animal farming but also significantly reduces water usage and greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional meat production.


Sector: Medical Technology
TrianecT’s StrokePointer is a transformative prehospital solution designed for fast and objective stroke triage. This compact and portable device captures and automatically analyzes electrical brain activity (EEG) to enable ambulance personnel to diagnose stroke types and decide the appropriate hospital for treatment directly from the ambulance. 


Sector: Renewable Energy
Tarucca enhances the sustainability of wind energy through advanced monitoring technologies and consultancy. Their system uses AI and photonic sensors to assess the condition of wind turbine blades, enabling predictive maintenance and optimizing asset management. This approach not only increases electricity generation but also extends blade lifespans and reduces maintenance costs, thus contributing to more sustainable and cost-effective wind energy production.


Sector: Nuclear Energy
Thorizon is innovating in the nuclear energy sector by developing a molten salt reactor technology that repurposes nuclear waste into energy. This approach not only promises a circular, sustainable method of energy production but also leverages existing nuclear waste, adding a valuable resource to the clean energy mix. Backed by significant investments, including a €10 million grant from the French government, Thorizon is poised to contribute significantly to energy sustainability.


Sector: Carbon Capture and Utilization
Paebbl has pioneered a technology that accelerates the natural process of CO2 mineralization, transforming captured carbon dioxide into a carbon-negative industrial material. Their process, which enhances the reaction speed by over a million times with minimal energy use, integrates seamlessly with existing carbon capture systems, offering a scalable solution to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels effectively and sustainably.

Onera Health

Sector: Health Technology
Onera Health has revolutionized sleep diagnostics with its innovative Polysomnography (PSG) solution, Onera STS. This patch-based sensor system offers a wire-free, user-friendly design for capturing crucial sleep-related physiological data. Onera STS enables high-quality clinical-grade diagnostics and monitoring in various settings including home and hospital, making it easier for patients to undergo sleep studies comfortably. 


Sector: Environmental Technology
Skytree has developed an advanced direct air capture (DAC) technology to address the dual challenges of rising CO2 costs and climate impact. Their system extracts carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere, offering a sustainable and economical solution for industries needing reliable CO2 supply. 


Sector: Sustainable Energy Solutions
Quatt is dedicated to advancing the energy transition with its innovative hybrid and all-electric heat pumps. These systems are designed to significantly reduce CO2 and gas usage, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods. Quatt offers a modular approach, allowing customers to start with a hybrid system and upgrade to all-electric, aligning with individual sustainability goals. 

Smart Spinal Solutions

Sector: Health and Wellness
Smart Spinal Solutions offers Lia, an AI-powered posture training system that combines a smart wearable device and a mobile app to correct and improve posture. Designed to be discreet and comfortable, Lia provides real-time feedback and a personalized training program to help users address posture-related discomforts such as back and neck pain. The system includes sensitive sensors that prompt corrective action through vibration, ensuring users maintain proper posture throughout the day.

QDI Systems

Sector: Medical Imaging Technology
QDI Systems is revolutionizing medical imaging with its next-generation Quantum Dot X-ray sensors. Spun off from the University of Groningen’s Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, QDI Systems develops high-resolution, low-dose X-ray imaging solutions. Their technology, based on quantum dots, offers significant improvements over traditional sensors, including higher X-ray absorption and better signal-to-noise ratios, facilitating more precise diagnostics at safer radiation levels.


Sector: Medical Devices
STIL has developed a cutting-edge anti-tremor orthosis to help individuals suffering from tremor disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor. This CE-marked medical device integrates specialized dampers that effectively suppress tremors without hindering voluntary movement, improving patients’ ability to perform daily tasks and enhancing their quality of life.

Axelera AI

Sector: Artificial Intelligence
Axelera AI is accelerating AI innovation at the edge with its advanced hardware acceleration solutions tailored for computer vision applications. Their Metis Evaluation Kits integrate state-of-the-art neural networks to deliver superior performance for complex tasks like multi-channel video analytics and quality inspection. By reducing cost and power consumption compared to traditional GPU solutions, Axelera AI empowers businesses to deploy cutting-edge AI more efficiently.


Sector: Biomedical Engineering
Xeltis is transforming cardiovascular treatment with its Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR) technology, developing synthetic vessels and valves that enable the body to naturally regenerate healthy tissue. This groundbreaking approach aims to significantly reduce complications such as thrombosis and infection, commonly associated with traditional implants. Xeltis’ technology, inspired by Nobel prize-winning research, offers a promising future for patients needing vascular and valve replacements.


Sector: Nanotechnology
VSPARTICLE is dedicated to accelerating the deployment of innovations with its nanoparticle synthesis and deposition technology. This Dutch company develops tools that enable the production of nanoparticles from bulk materials without the complexities of wet chemistry processes. Their technology promises to unlock a century of materials innovation over the next decade by producing versatile nanoporous layers for a wide range of applications, including energy storage, sensors, and catalysis.

Battolyser Systems

Sector: Energy Storage
Battolyser Systems offers a unique solution combining battery storage and hydrogen production in one system, addressing the intermittency of renewable energy sources. Their patented Battolyser can efficiently store electricity and produce hydrogen, enhancing the viability of renewable projects. This technology aligns with EU sustainable directives and aims to be the lowest-cost, most sustainable hydrogen source, poised for scalability from 1 MW to 500 MW by 2026.


Sector: Energy Storage
Elestor is advancing energy storage with its bromine-based flow batteries, targeting large-scale, long-duration applications. Their affordable and scalable technology is designed to store vast amounts of electricity, facilitating a shift away from fossil fuels towards a clean energy system. Elestor’s batteries are positioned to play a crucial role in stabilizing the grid and supporting the widespread adoption of renewable energy.


Sector: Electric Vehicle Charging
Fastned is revolutionizing the charging experience for electric vehicles across Europe with its expansive charging network. Inspired by nature, their stations are designed to provide a seamless and rapid charging experience, with the capability to add up to 300 km of range in just 15 minutes. Fastned’s network uses 100% renewable energy and aims to improve the infrastructure for electric vehicles significantly.


Sector: Medical Devices
ONWARD is focused on developing advanced therapies to restore movement, function, and independence for people with spinal cord injuries. Utilizing ARC Therapy, which involves targeted spinal cord stimulation, they have observed potential benefits like improved bladder control and blood pressure regulation. ONWARD’s technology has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to treating spinal cord injuries, holding promise for drastically improving quality of life.


Sector: Battery Technology
E-magy specializes in advanced battery technology, producing nano-porous silicon anode material that significantly enhances lithium-ion batteries. This innovation promises a 40% higher energy density and negligible expansion, crucial for electric vehicles (EVs). E-magy’s product is compatible with existing battery production lines, offering a scalable and environmentally friendly solution that integrates seamlessly into the EV industry, confirmed by extensive testing with partners like the German institute ZSW.


Sector: Cybersecurity
Group-IB offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity products and services, including threat intelligence, fraud protection, and digital risk management. Their solutions are built on the Unified Risk Platform that integrates deep cyber intelligence and proactive defense strategies to prevent and mitigate cyber threats. With a focus on innovation and high-quality service, Group-IB protects businesses globally from sophisticated cyber attacks, supported by a robust team of experts and cutting-edge technology.


Sector: Renewable Energy
Weco harnesses the power of ocean waves to generate electricity, providing a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional energy sources. Their unique technology utilizes horizontal wave movement, which doubles the efficiency of electricity generation compared to conventional methods. Weco’s systems are designed for easy installation and minimal environmental impact, making them a promising solution for enhancing the renewable energy mix with stable and cost-effective wave energy.

EFFECT Photonics

Sector: Photonics and Telecommunications
EFFECT Photonics is revolutionizing digital communications by merging light-based technologies with digital data handling. Their products include highly integrated optical system-on-chips that utilize proprietary technologies for signal processing and error correction. EFFECT Photonics serves the telecommunications and data communications sectors, offering solutions that promise enhanced connectivity through compact, cost-effective, and energy-efficient designs that cater to a global market.


Sector: Energy Storage
LeydenJar is pioneering the development of pure silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries, delivering a 70% increase in energy capacity compared to conventional batteries. Their technology enables quicker charging and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of battery production. Ideal for applications from mobile devices to electric vehicles, LeydenJar’s anodes support longer battery life and faster charging, embodying the next leap in battery technology with their scalable production capabilities.


The startups featured in this list demonstrate the vibrant innovation landscape of the Netherlands, particularly in the realm of Big Data. Companies like EFFECT Photonics, LeydenJar, and Weco are leading examples of how data-driven technologies can propel industries forward, offering groundbreaking solutions that address both current and future challenges. 

The Dealroom Signal has identified these firms based on their potential for upcoming funding events, highlighting their strong traction and market promise. 

As these companies continue to evolve and attract investment, they contribute significantly to the Netherlands’ reputation as a hub for technological innovation and sustainable business practices, making them key players to watch in the global tech arena.

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