Deep Tech Startups in the Netherlands – Top 15

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 42 marketing     April 24, 2024

The Netherlands, renowned for its pioneering spirit in technology and innovation, is home to a vibrant ecosystem of deep tech startups. These enterprises are at the forefront of transforming industries through groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and more.

In recent years, Rotterdam’s tech scene has witnessed a fascinating development: the rise of deep technology startups. These ambitious companies, driven by advanced scientific and technological breakthroughs, are tackling complex global challenges and revolutionizing biotech, AI, and clean energy. The deep technology startups integrate cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing into their solutions. 

Companies like Rubrik Security Cloud, leveraging AI for data security resilience; Apollo Agriculture, revolutionizing farming with machine learning credit models; Stream, enhancing in-app communication with sophisticated APIs; and Edge Impulse, leading the edge AI domain, exemplify the Dutch knack for harnessing deep tech to solve complex global challenges.

In this blog, we will delve into 15 deep tech startups that are innovating and also setting trends on the global stage. 

How We Ranked These Companies

In order to rank these companies, we focused exclusively on companies whose technologies fall under the umbrella of deep tech. These are firms developing transformative solutions in fields such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and advanced materials, among others. We used the Dealroom Signal to rank these companies. Here is how it works: 

  1. Purpose-Oriented Scoring: Unlike generic quality or performance scores, the Dealroom Signal is tailored to highlight the most promising upcoming funding opportunities. It seeks out companies demonstrating significant traction and those that appear to be gearing up for a funding event or are round-ready.
  2. Predictive Algorithm: Dealroom Signal employs a predictive algorithm designed to sift through the noise and surface potential high-growth companies. This makes discovering standout startups as straightforward as checking your dashboard.
  3. Data Inputs: The algorithm incorporates over a dozen data points, which can be broadly categorized into four main areas:
  4. Growth Rate: This includes metrics like employee growth and product adoption rates, indicating the startup’s current momentum.
  5. Completion Score and Context: The algorithm assesses how well a company fits into trending segments or areas of interest, along with the completeness of their Dealroom profile.
  6. Founding Team Composition: Factors such as the founders’ previous entrepreneurial experiences, their work backgrounds, and educational qualifications are taken into account.
  7. Timing: This input evaluates whether a startup is likely to raise its next funding round soon, based on proprietary Dealroom benchmarks on the typical intervals between funding rounds.
  8. Scoring Methodology: The Dealroom Signal score is an average of the four main inputs: completeness, founding team, growth rate, and timing. After a funding round, a startup’s score resets to zero, peaks at around one year post-funding, and then gradually decreases, with the timing score’s exact trajectory varying by the startup’s stage.
  9. User Customization: Users can personalize their dashboard to display startups according to specific stages, such as (Pre) Seed, Series A, or Breakout opportunities. Additionally, personalized alerts can be set up to combine the algorithm’s insights with individual preferences, ensuring users are notified about startups that match their criteria.

By leveraging the Dealroom Signal, we aim to provide a nuanced, forward-looking analysis of the deep tech startups poised for significant growth and funding milestones in the Netherlands, ensuring our rankings reflect the dynamic nature of the tech ecosystem.

Top 15 Deep Tech Startups

The Ocean Cleanup

Sector: Environmental Conservation
The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization dedicated to removing plastic pollution from the oceans and rivers. Using innovative technologies, they target the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the world’s most polluting rivers. With millions of kilograms of plastic removed to date, their mission is to eliminate 90% of floating ocean plastic, contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems and wildlife.



Sector: Cultivated Meat Production
Meatable is pioneering the production of real meat without the ethical and environmental downsides of industrial farming. Using a sample from unharmed animals, they replicate natural muscle and fat growth to produce meat in a matter of weeks, not years. This innovative process aims to satisfy global meat demand sustainably, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and eliminating the need for animal slaughter, leading the way towards a cleaner and more compassionate food system.

Deep Tech Startup in the Netherlands


Sector: Composite Materials & Automation
Airborne is at the forefront of composite technology, offering digital automation systems that are highly flexible and require no programming. Specializing in Automated Ply Placement, Airborne can create multi-material tailored blank laminates unmatched by other systems. With over 25 years of experience in composites, they provide both automation solutions and manufacturing services across aerospace, mobility, marine, and industrial sectors. 


Sector: Blockchain Technology
Bitfury Group, established in 2011, stands as a comprehensive blockchain technology company. Originally one of the pioneering Bitcoin miners, Bitfury has expanded its operations to deliver a wide array of infrastructure solutions powering the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Their product range spans from hardware and security to software solutions aimed at making digital assets secure, sustainable, and functional. 

Metis AI Platform

Sector: Artificial Intelligence
The Metis AI Platform is at the forefront of democratizing Artificial Intelligence, especially for Edge computing and computer vision applications. By offering advanced hardware acceleration and user-friendly software, Metis simplifies the development, integration, and deployment of AI solutions, significantly reducing time-to-market. Their mission is to make powerful, efficient AI accessible to a wider audience, thereby transforming how AI at the Edge is implemented across various sectors.


Sector: Web Design and Development
Framer is a dynamic platform where creativity in web design meets efficiency. It provides a suite of tools for designers to craft stunning websites with ease, supporting features from layout design to SEO optimization. Framer stands out by offering a seamless design-to-publish process, ensuring that sites not only look impressive but also perform excellently on search engines. 


Sector: Medical Devices & Therapies for Spinal Cord Injuries
ONWARD is dedicated to restoring movement, function, and independence for individuals with spinal cord injuries through ARC Therapy – targeted, programmed stimulation of the spinal cord. ONWARD’s ARCEX and ARCIM platforms offer both external and implantable solutions for spinal cord stimulation. Their pioneering work is backed by leading neuroscience research institutions and aims to offer not only improved mobility but also potential benefits like bladder control and blood pressure regulation.


Sector: Telecommunications
Aircision is committed to enhancing global communication by providing high-speed connectivity solutions, aiming to reduce inequalities and contribute to a more sustainable infrastructure. Their approach includes conducting smart material assessments to ensure the use of environmentally friendly components. 

Hai Robotics

Sector: Warehouse Automation
Hai Robotics revolutionizes warehouse operations with its advanced Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems, significantly enhancing storage density and operational efficiency. Their rapid deployment capability transforms warehouses within months, increasing efficiency by 3-4 times and storage density by 80-400%. 


Sector: Aerial Surveying
Atmos specializes in VTOL fixed-wing drones for high-accuracy mapping and surveying. Their flagship drone, Marlyn, operates in challenging conditions, including high winds, and covers extensive areas per flight. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, Marlyn combines top-tier cameras with advanced navigation systems, offering precise photogrammetry data for various applications, from environmental protection to precision agriculture.

Nearfield Instruments (NFI)

Sector: Metrology Solutions for Nano-electronics
NFI is revolutionizing process control in the nano-electronics sector with its advanced 3D scanning probe metrology solutions. Their high throughput atomic force microscopy system offers atom-scale resolution 3D metrology at unprecedented speeds. NFI’s innovations support the industry’s need for precise measurements, contributing to the development of next-generation electronic devices.


Sector: Biopharmaceuticals
Emerging from the legacy of BiOrion, Cortalix is dedicated to advancing PET-imaging diagnostics and targeted radiotherapeutics for fibrotic conditions. With a focus on leveraging single domain antibodies, Cortalix aims to enhance patient care by providing precise and innovative diagnostic and treatment options, continuing the mission to address unmet medical needs in fibrosis.

Apollo Agriculture

Sector: Agricultural Technology
Apollo Agriculture empowers Kenyan and Zambian farmers by providing financing for high-quality farming inputs, resulting in yields up to 2.5 times higher than the average. Utilizing machine learning credit models for instant financing decisions, Apollo collaborates with over a thousand agrodealers to ensure accessibility. 

Edge Impulse

Sector: Edge AI and Machine Learning
Edge Impulse enables developers to build, train, and optimize AI models for edge devices, catering to a range of applications from low-power MCUs to advanced GPUs. Their platform supports diverse data sources and ensures high-quality dataset building and algorithm development. With a focus on health and industrial use cases, Edge Impulse facilitates the integration of AI into products, offering optimized model deployment across various hardware, ensuring future-proof and efficient edge intelligence solutions.


As we conclude our exploration of the Top 15 Deep Tech Startups in the Netherlands, it’s evident that the Dutch landscape is a fertile ground for innovation and technological advancement. From the the production of real of Meatable to the agricultural revolution sparked by Apollo Agriculture, these startups are not just shaping their respective industries but also setting a precedent for global technological evolution. 

These companies are just the tip of the iceberg, representing a vibrant ecosystem where technology, sustainability, and innovation intersect to create a better future. 

The Dutch deep tech sector is a beacon of progress, driving forward with solutions that promise to enhance lives, streamline businesses, and sustain our planet.

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