Tech Companies in the Netherlands – Top 25

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 42 marketing     March 11, 2024

The Netherlands, with its rich history of innovation and entrepreneurship, is rapidly evolving into a powerhouse for technology startups. 

A shining example of this national trend is Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second-largest city. Home to a thriving startup scene and established tech players alike, Rotterdam boasts innovation in areas like big data, AI, and sustainable urban development. From developing smart sensors for smarter cities to creating next-generation software solutions, Rotterdam’s tech companies are leaving a lasting impact on the global stage.

With a strong emphasis on creativity and forward-thinking, these companies are redefining the boundaries of technology and driving the city towards a smarter, more sustainable future.

In this article, we’re looking into the top 25 tech companies in the Netherlands that are not only redefining the technological landscape of the Netherlands but are also making a significant mark on the global stage. 

From companies like Adyen, and Zola Electric making strides in the clean energy sector, to companies like Nord Security and Catawiki, the Netherlands’ tech companies are growing rapidly, driven by innovation, expertise, and a vision for a technologically advanced future.

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How We Ranked These Companies

In order to rank these top 25 picks, we relied on the Dealroom Signal.
This system is indispensable for investors, startups, and government entities, offering a detailed panorama of the global startup ecosystem. The Dealroom Signal stands out for its multifaceted analysis of innovative companies, employing a blend of machine learning, extensive data sources, and collaborative partnerships.

  • Harnessing Advanced ML Technologies: At the heart of Dealroom’s methodology is the utilization of AI and algorithms to mine data from a multitude of public sources. This includes information from news articles, company filings, domain registries, and app store analytics. By automating data collection, Dealroom ensures the provision of timely and pertinent information that accurately reflects the ever-evolving market landscape.
  • Collaborative Networks: A unique aspect of Dealroom’s approach is its collaboration with local governments. This partnership fosters a data-sharing network that enriches Dealroom’s dataset, making it more extensive and relevant. Such collaborations not only enhance the depth of data but also create a supportive environment around the ecosystem, elevating the overall quality and utility of the information.
  • Data Integrity and Validation: Maintaining the integrity of data is a critical component of Dealroom’s process. All data, whether AI-generated or partner-contributed, is subject to rigorous validation. This includes meticulous examination by Dealroom’s Intelligence Unit and analysts, supplemented by specialized software, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.
  • In-depth Data Analysis: Dealroom’s data science team employs advanced technologies, including machine learning, to analyze and interpret the data. This proactive and sophisticated analysis yields predictive analytics, enabling users to foresee market trends and make informed decisions.
  • Global Coverage and Partnerships: Dealroom’s comprehensive global data coverage is one of its key strengths. By establishing partnerships in major tech hubs worldwide, Dealroom ensures a wide-reaching database that is unparalleled in scope.

In essence, Dealroom Signal’s approach is characterized by its commitment to data transparency as a means to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The platform aims to support and nurture startup ecosystems worldwide, not just by compiling data but by actively engaging in ecosystem-supporting research and unveiling the world’s most promising companies.

Let us go over the top 25 picks now


Sector: Financial Technology
Adyen offers an end-to-end financial technology platform integrating payments, data, and financial management solutions. Serving prominent clients like Uber, eBay, and Spotify, Adyen enables businesses to expand globally, manage fraud, and unify online and offline payment data. 

ZOLA Electric

Sector: Energy Technology
ZOLA Electric provides smart, connected energy devices like lithium-ion batteries and solar panels. ZOLA has developed an enterprise technology platform, ZOLA Vision, leading to community-level electrification across 10 countries and impacting over 2 million lives. 


Sector: Cloud Banking
Mambu is a cloud-native, API-driven banking and financial services platform. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), Mambu facilitates financial innovation, allowing businesses to launch financial solutions rapidly and efficiently. 


Sector: Online Auctions
Catawiki is an online auction platform where users can bid on a diverse range of special objects curated by experts. Categories include art, jewelry, watches, cars, and more, with over 75,000 objects auctioned weekly.

Nord Security

Sector: Cybersecurity
Nord Security focuses on online privacy and security on a global scale. With a team of co-founders and experts in cybersecurity, Nord Security offers products like NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker, emphasizing the democratization of internet safety and cyber wellness.


Sector: Vehicle Financing and Mobility Solutions
Moove offers an innovative model for vehicle ownership, targeting drivers looking to start or grow their transportation businesses. They provide accessible financing solutions for cars, bikes, and lorries through partnerships with major vehicle brands. 


Sector: Digital Entertainment and Technology
Azerion is a digital entertainment company that enhances user engagement through games, videos, and content. With over 500 million monthly active users, Azerion’s platform supports advertisers and digital publishers by providing immersive content in a safe and secure digital environment.  

Flow Traders

Sector: Financial Markets and Liquidity Provision
Flow Traders is a global trading firm specializing in providing liquidity to financial markets. With a focus on transparency and efficiency, they offer continuous liquidity to reduce trading costs and embrace market innovation. 


Sector: Communication Technology
Bird (former MessageBird) offers an omnichannel automation platform for APIs, service, and marketing. Their software and APIs enable personalisation and automation across various customer touch points, including SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp. MessageBird helps businesses increase revenue and customer engagement by reaching audiences on their preferred communication channels.


Sector: Biotechnology and Gene Therapy
uniQure is at the forefront of genomic medicine, focusing on transforming healthcare with innovative cures. They specialize in gene therapy for diseases like Huntington’s Disease and Hemophilia B. 


Sector: Hospitality Technology
Mews is a property management system revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Designed for modern hoteliers, it streamlines operations from booking to check-out, enhancing guest experiences. Integrated with Mews Payments, it ensures secure and seamless transactions. 


Sector: Online Retail/Grocery Delivery
Picnic operates as a supermarket on wheels, offering a unique low-price, free-delivery grocery shopping experience. With an emphasis on sustainability, Picnic delivers fresh groceries directly from wholesalers to customers using electric vehicles. 


Sector: Delivery and Logistics
Borzo specializes in fast and flexible intra-city delivery services for businesses and individuals. With operations in multiple countries, Borzo offers swift same-day delivery, including a 60-minute express service. 


Sector: Employment and Recruitment Services
Temper is a tech-based platform connecting professionals with clients for shift-based work. Their digital notice-board facilitates easy access to a variety of shifts across sectors, offering professionals control over their work schedules and locations. 


Sector: Technology / Navigation and Mapping
TomTom leads in maps and location technology, providing solutions for various applications including automated driving, fleet logistics, and on-demand services. Known for their GPS navigation systems, TomTom’s offerings extend to digital cockpit experiences, predictive mapping for driver safety, and efficient routing for fleet management. 


Sector: E-commerce / Digital Products
Hotmart provides a comprehensive solution for selling digital products globally without monthly or annual fees, charging only a transaction fee per sale. This platform empowers creators with tools and support to create, market, and manage their digital products.

Sector: Customer Experience Software specializes in enhancing customer experiences through conversational software. Key features include automated customer contact, personalized messaging, and monetization opportunities within conversations. 


Sector: Financial Technology / Payment Processing
Mollie is a payment processing platform designed to support business growth, offering a sophisticated solution to accept payments, optimize conversions, and access funding. 


Sector: Financial Technology / Banking Software
Backbase’s solutions enable banks to transition from legacy IT systems to a modern customer engagement orchestration architecture. 

Prodrive Technologies

Sector: Technology and Manufacturing
Prodrive Technologies is a research, development, and production partner specializing in embedded computing, motion & mechatronics, power conversion, automation control systems, vision & image processing systems, and IoT products. Prodrive serves customers globally with state-of-the-art equipment and a vertical integration strategy, manufacturing a high mix of mid- and high-tech products and systems.


Sector: Consulting, Technology, and Data
Based in multiple countries including the Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK, Valcon focuses on delivering sustainable transformation by combining various skills in strategy, implementation, data solutions, and technology. 


Sector: IT Service Management
TOPdesk is a service management platform designed to simplify the workload for IT service teams. With features like task categorization, knowledge management, and self-service options, TOPdesk helps in streamlining service delivery.


Sector: Bicycle Subscription Service
Swapfiets offers a unique bicycle subscription service. Customers can choose from different types of bikes, including e-bikes and deluxe models, for a fixed monthly fee. The service includes free shipping, quick service within 48 hours, and monthly cancellability.

Tech Companies in the Netherlands


Sector: Cold Chain Logistics
NewCold specializes in advanced refrigerated logistics, providing sustainable and traceable cold supply chain solutions. They utilize the latest automation technology to enhance efficiency and integrate seamlessly with customer systems. 


Sector: Cloud Services
Leaseweb is leading a project called the European Cloud Campus, focusing on creating a sovereign European Cloud infrastructure. This initiative aims to provide data residency and support the development of AI and Cloud applications within European borders. Leaseweb’s project addresses the need for scalable, energy-efficient, and sovereign cloud solutions that comply with European regulations.

Closing Note

In conclusion, the Netherlands stands out as a vibrant hub for technology startups, with a diverse range of companies making significant contributions both locally and globally. 

Be it Valcon in consulting, TOPdesk in IT service management, Swapfiets in sustainable transportation, NewCold in cold chain logistics, and Leaseweb in cloud services illustrate the breadth and depth of the Dutch tech landscape. 

Each company, with its unique approach and specialized expertise, contributes to a dynamic ecosystem that is increasingly recognized on the world stage.