Tech Unicorns in the Netherlands – The Complete List

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 42 marketing     May 13, 2024

The realm of technology is constantly evolving, and the Netherlands has become a breeding ground for some of the most innovative and transformative companies in the tech industry. Known as ‘tech unicorns’ – these companies are not just a testament to successful entrepreneurship but also a beacon of innovation and technological advancement. A tech unicorn is a privately led company having a valuation of 1 billion dollars or more. 

Rotterdam, the architectural and cultural capital of the Netherlands, has emerged as a hub for several tech unicorns that are reshaping various industries. Companies like MVRDV, one of the world’s finest architecture firms, and Coolblue, an e-commerce giant specializing in consumer electronics, have their headquarters in this city. Rotterdam’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and business-friendly environment have contributed to the success of these tech giants.

In this comprehensive list, we delve into the top 29 tech unicorns in the Netherlands, showcasing their groundbreaking work and remarkable growth.

Among these trailblazers is Fastned, revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging sector with its expansive network, and Azerion, capturing global audiences in digital entertainment. In the biotechnology realm, Merus stands out for its pioneering cancer treatments, while bunq redefines banking with its mobile-first, sustainable approach. 

These companies, along with others like Allego, Backbase, and Mambu, underscore the diverse and dynamic nature of the Dutch tech scene. Join us as we explore these tech unicorns, uncovering the stories of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that have propelled them to international acclaim.


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Tech Unicorns in the Netherlands: Top Picks

Given below is a list of the top tech unicorns in the Netherlands. Let’s get started! 


Sector: Electric Vehicle Charging
Fastned specializes in super fast charging for electric vehicles, offering a rapidly expanding network across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and France.


Sector: Digital Entertainment
Azerion is a platform that engages audiences globally with digital entertainment, including games and videos, reaching over 500 million unique monthly active users.


Sector: Biotechnology
Merus is dedicated to discovering and developing innovative cancer treatments, utilizing their Multiclonics® Platform to advance clinical trials and research in oncology.


Sector: Banking and Financial Services
bunq, known as the ‘Bank of The Free’, offers mobile banking solutions focused on sustainability, inclusivity, and security, with various personal and business banking plans.


Sector: Electric Vehicle Charging Network
Allego operates a leading public EV charging network in Europe, providing over 34,000 charging sockets across 16 countries to support the growing demand for electric vehicles.


Sector: Banking Technology
Backbase offers a next-generation Engagement Banking Platform, enabling banks to modernize customer journeys and re-architect business operations around customer needs.


Sector: Financial Technology
Mambu provides a cloud banking platform that empowers financial brands to create flexible customer-centric experiences and efficient operations.


Sector: Payment Processing
Adyen offers a comprehensive financial technology platform for end-to-end payment processing, data analysis, and financial management solutions.


Sector: Electric Buses
Ebusco is focused on sustainable public transport, offering zero-emission electric buses designed to improve the living environment and contribute to a greener future.

Global Collect B.V.

Sector: Online Payment Solutions
Ingenico ePayments, part of Global Collect B.V., provides online payment services globally, offering solutions like currency handling, fraud screening, and financial reconciliation.


Sector: Online Grocery Delivery
Picnic operates as a ‘supermarket on wheels,’ offering low prices, free delivery, and super fresh products directly from local sources, utilizing an app-based ordering system.

Sector: Customer Experience Technology specializes in conversational software, enhancing customer engagement through a suite of solutions that connect businesses with their customers across various communication channels.

Just Eat Takeaway

Sector: Online Food Delivery
Just Eat is a global online food delivery marketplace, connecting consumers with over 679,000 restaurant partners across 20 countries, empowering food moments for consumers.

Unnamed Company

Sector: Sustainability Solutions
This company offers market-based, end-to-end sustainability solutions, focusing on empowering organizations across all sectors to achieve ambitious climate targets and transition towards a sustainable world.


Sector: Financial Technology
Mollie provides an advanced payment solution for businesses, offering a range of services including online payments, funding, and in-person payment options, designed to support business growth.


Sector: Communications Technology
MessageBird provides an omnichannel automation platform for APIs, service, and marketing, allowing businesses to automate and personalize customer interactions across various channels like SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp.


Sector: Digital Content Creation
Hotmart offers a comprehensive toolkit for creators to build, monetize, manage, and grow digital products like courses, memberships, and events, with features designed for seamless integration and ease of use.

Digital Realty

Sector: Data Center & Cloud Services
Digital Realty offers a global data center platform, PlatformDIGITAL®, providing a safe and open meeting place for enterprises and service providers to accelerate collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Bitfury Group

Sector: Blockchain Technology & AI
Bitfury Group is a leading full-service blockchain technology company, offering solutions like Exonum for blockchain-as-a-service and cutting-edge AI technologies for various applications.

Sunstone – Prexton Therapeutics

Sector: Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Prexton Therapeutics, supported by Sunstone Capital, focuses on developing innovative drugs for Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders, with leading compounds in clinical development stages.

Redcare Pharmacy NV (formerly Shop Apotheke Europe N.V.)

Sector: Online Pharmacy & Healthcare Products
Redcare Pharmacy NV operates online pharmacies across several European countries, providing prescription medications, over-the-counter products, beauty and personal care items, and food supplements.

Acerta Pharma

Sector: Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
An affiliate of AstraZeneca, Acerta Pharma specializes in developing innovative treatments in hematology. Their focus is on creating medicines that either directly kill cancer cells or use the immune system for cancer elimination, particularly targeting blood cancers with high unmet needs.


Sector: Technology and Mapping
TomTom is renowned for its advanced mapping and location technology. They offer GPS navigation solutions, maps, updates, and a range of products for businesses and individual users. Their technology drives fleet electrification, optimization, and provides insights for transportation and logistics.

Flow Traders

Sector: Financial Services
Flow Traders is a global trading firm dedicated to increasing transparency and efficiency in financial markets. They provide continuous liquidity, focusing on cutting-edge technology and strong risk management practices, and have a strong commitment to fostering innovation in the financial ecosystem.


Sector: Gene Therapy and Biotechnology
uniQure is a pioneer in the gene therapy field, focusing on developing innovative treatments for diseases like Huntington’s Disease and Hemophilia B. They leverage their advanced platform and technologies to create gene therapies that aim to transform patient care and treatment outcomes.

Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine (formerly Janssen)

Sector: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
Renamed Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, this division of Johnson & Johnson focuses on discovering and developing innovative treatments for infectious diseases, including HIV, TB, and COVID-19. They aim to transform the treatment, prevention, and cure of infectious diseases globally.

OLX Group

Sector: E-commerce and Online Marketplaces
OLX Group operates a variety of popular online marketplaces and trading platforms across Europe and South Africa. They facilitate person-to-person trading, helping people buy and sell a wide range of products and services including cars, housing, and household goods, with a focus on sustainability.

Sector: Online Travel and Accommodation Booking, part of Booking Holdings Inc., is a global leader in online travel services. It connects millions of travelers with a wide range of accommodations, transport options, and experiences worldwide, supported by technology that aims to make travel easier and more accessible.

BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. (Besi)

Sector: Semiconductor and Electronics
Besi is a leading company in the semiconductor industry, specializing in the development of assembly processes and equipment for various packaging applications. 

Closing Note

The Dutch tech landscape vividly demonstrates the extraordinary potential and diversity of the tech industry. From the disruptive financial technologies of Adyen and Mambu to the sustainable transport solutions of Ebusco, these tech unicorns are not just reshaping their respective sectors but also contributing significantly to global technological progress. 

Companies like MessageBird and Hotmart are redefining communication and digital content creation, illustrating the depth and breadth of Dutch innovation. 

This list of the top 29 tech unicorns in the Netherlands is a testament to the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and pivotal role in driving the tech frontier forward. 

As these companies continue to expand and evolve, they will undoubtedly keep making significant impacts on the global stage, reinforcing the Netherlands’ position as a powerhouse of tech innovation.

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