Tech Startups in Rotterdam – Top 100

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 42 marketing     January 20, 2024

Rotterdam, renowned for its port, modern architecture, and vibrant cultural life, is also emerging as a tech hotspot in Europe. As innovation continues to be the heartbeat of the city, numerous startups have sprung up, addressing everything from space exploration to green energy solutions, and from health innovations to fintech disruptions. 

This article lists the top 100 tech startups in Rotterdam, shining a spotlight on the city’s growing reputation as a tech and startup haven. 

How We Ranked These Companies

All these rankings have been made by the Dealroom Signal. This tool is indispensable for investors, startups, and government organizations worldwide, providing a comprehensive overview of the global startup ecosystem.
The Dealroom Signal, an essential feature of, ranks innovative companies based on a myriad of factors. Let’s understand its workings and significance.

  1. Harnessing Machine Learning & APIs: Dealroom uses AI and specific algorithms to collect vast amounts of data from public sources. These sources range from news articles and company filings to domain registries and app store analytics. By automating this process, Dealroom ensures real-time, relevant data that reflects the current state of the market.
  2. Local Government Partnerships: By collaborating with local governments, Dealroom has created an interconnected data-sharing network. This approach not only gives Dealroom access to unique datasets but also fosters a supportive community around the data, boosting its value and relevance.
  3. Verification and Validation: Data integrity is paramount for Dealroom. Whether sourced via AI or contributed by partners, every piece of data undergoes rigorous verification. This process involves the meticulous efforts of the Intelligence Unit and team analysts, supported by specialized verification software.
  4. Advanced Data Analysis: Dealroom’s data science team delves deep into the data, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning, to extract actionable insights and trends. This proactive approach ensures that users have predictive analytics at their disposal, allowing them to anticipate market movements.
  5. Global Data Coverage: One of Dealroom’s core strengths is its expansive data coverage. By forging relationships with key partners in major tech hubs globally, it ensures a comprehensive database that remains unmatched in breadth and depth.

Dealroom operates on the principle that data transparency can accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation. Rather than keeping data exclusive, the platform’s mission is to nurture and support startup ecosystems. 

This ethos is evident in its vast global coverage, robust network of government partnerships, leadership in ecosystem-supporting research, and a commitment to unveiling the world’s most promising companies.

Now let’s dive into the list of top tech startups in Rotterdam with the highest Dealroom Signal. 

Paebbl AB

Sector: Energy/Waste Solution
Transforms CO2 into essential products.


Sector: Health/Biotechnology
Employs powerful algorithms and AI to help biologists design improved proteins swiftly.

Revolv Space

Sector: Space/Hardware
Innovating for continuous spacecraft operations.

Breeze Social

Sector: Dating/Mobile App
A dating app prioritizing real-life interactions over screen time.

Zwart Tech

Sector: Jobs Recruitment
Connects companies with Senior IT experts and CyberSecurity specialists from Africa.


Sector: Health/Biotechnology
Developing the world’s pioneering targeted antibacterial products.


Sector: Telecom/E-commerce
Circular Economy Marketplace for buying & selling pre-owned electronics.


Sector: Health/Manufacturing
Introduces graphene drums to combat antibiotic resistance.


Sector: Transportation/Vehicle Production
Produces high-end composite structures for various industries.


Sector: Energy/Energy Efficiency
Enhances district energy networks using an AI cloud platform.


Sector: Real Estate/Software as a Service
B2B online platform for effective real estate communication and collaboration.


Sector: Energy/Clean Energy
Elevates wind energy production using lightweight wings and smart controls.


Sector: Sports/Sport Platform
A tool for soccer players to track and share stats with their network.


Sector: Transportation/Mobility
Encourages cleaner mobility options in cities.


Sector: Wellness/Enterprise Software
Provides a platform for Safety Engagement & Behavioral Risk Management.


Sector: Transportation/Enterprise Software
A SaaS platform enabling the creation and management of mobility/health programs, promoting physical activity and cleaner mobility alternatives.


Sector: Semiconductors/Deep Tech
Revolutionizing the quantum world by building a modem to connect quantum computers in one network.

Sector: Energy/Artificial Intelligence
Utilizes AI to tackle global challenges, driving efficiency and innovation in the energy sector.

Barge Master

Sector: Transportation/Deep Tech
A forerunner in developing and manufacturing motion-compensated platforms for the marine and offshore industries.

Innatera Nanosystems

Sector: Semiconductors/Deep Tech
Pioneers in the development of neuromorphic microprocessors, replicating the brain’s processing power for efficient data handling.


Sector: Enterprise Software
A low-code platform transforming the engineering space, allowing professionals to develop web apps via Python.

Outlander Materials

Sector: Food/Waste Solution
A biotech company set on transforming food waste streams into alternative materials like UnPlastic.

Sector: Enterprise Software
An online application tailoring to startups and entrepreneurs, facilitating business, strategy, and financial planning.


Sector: Telecom/SaaS
An emerging telecom SaaS startup working towards revolutionizing the communication industry.


Sector: Real Estate, Space, Deep Tech
Company specializing in real estate, space, and deep tech through SaaS.


Sector: Fashion, Manufacturing
Exists to make good hygiene a reality for everyone.


Sector: Health, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Deep Tech
Sensius – the 4th pillar in cancer treatment.

Spotler (Formerly Blinker)

Sector: Marketing, CRM & Sales
A family of European vendors aiding marketers and customer service professionals.


Sector: Fintech, Insurance
Provides insurance for freelancers in an accessible manner.

Online Payment Platform

Sector: Fintech, Financial Management Solutions, Payments
Developing the best payment solution for platforms and marketplaces.

Addoptics B.V.

Sector: Engineering and Manufacturing Equipment, Virtual Reality, Hardware
Manufacturing service for prototyping and batch production of custom optics.


Sector: Space, Deep Tech
Developing technology to survey, prospect, and mine near-earth asteroids.


Sector: Education, Enterprise Software, Mobile App
Empowers a transition to a circular and sustainable society with a unique design tool.


Sector: Semiconductors, Quantum technologies, Deep tech, Manufacturing
A company that develops, designs, and fabricates superconducting quantum processors using parameterized designs, high-yield fabrication, and scalable 3D architecture.


Sector: Travel, Booking & Search, Travel Analytics & Software
Providing a new booking environment that brings guests and hotel owners together.


Sector: Enterprise Software, Big Data, Deep Tech
Enterprise software company focused on Big Data and Deep Tech.

Biosphere Solar

Sector: Energy, Hardware, Manufacturing
Biosphere Solar works on creating a world where the circular and fair solar panels are the standard in the PV industry.


Sector: Education
Online career platform that students, parents, and schools can utilize to find the correct career path for each student.


Sector: Energy, Enterprise Software, Blockchain
Using blockchain to bring transparency to global supply chains and empower businesses to move towards a circular economy.

Hardt Hyperloop

Sector: Transportation, Logistics & Delivery, Mobility, Vehicle Production
Global mobility system developer for passengers or freight. The company’s hyperloop technology is an on-demand, zero-emission, cheap way to travel long distances safely and sustainably.

Canopus Drilling Solutions Geothermal B.V.

Sector: Transportation, Navigation & Mapping
Offers cutting-edge drilling technology based on jetting and smart subterranean navigation.


Sector: Robotics, Deep Tech, Hardware
Revolutionizing robotics with the gearless gearbox.

Eye Security

Sector: Security, Fintech, Insurance, Identity & Access
Subscription-based cybersecurity and insurtech company which makes cybersecurity feasible and affordable for European businesses.


Sector: Fintech, Wealth Management
An online impact investing platform for retail investors that look for both financial and social return.


Sector: Human Resources, Data Analysis, Gamification
Shaping the world of unbiased hiring for SMBs through data and gamification.


Sector: Music, Media, Content Production
An online platform for discovering, creating, and sharing sound-clips and sound-effects on the internet.


Sector: Food, Innovative Food, Deep Tech
Pioneering clean meat from animal cells using the latest stem cell research.

Nearfield Instruments

Sector: Semiconductors, 3D Technology, Nanotech
Provides innovative metrology solutions for challenges in the high-end nano-electronics industry.


Sector: Enterprise Software
A workflow management platform tailored for CX and service design teams.

Borg Energy

Sector: Energy, Home Living, Energy Efficiency
Presents an autonomous, simple, and affordable solution meeting a home’s entire heat demand.


Sector: Security, Robotics, Public Safety
Focuses on R&D Solutions for Space, Science, and Defence.


Sector: Semiconductors, Engineering and Manufacturing Equipment, Deep Tech
Manufactures light and electron microscopy solutions that change imaging through the integration of both.

BIOND Solutions (BI/OND)

Sector: Health, Medical Devices, Biotechnology
Drives biological innovation by creating hardware solutions for cell-based assays.


Sector: Real Estate, Energy, Clean Energy
Produces state-of-the-art solar panels for flat roofs, as well as various ‘solar tiles’ for pitched roofs and facades.


Sector: Real Estate, Workspaces, 3D Technology
Displays workplace details in an intelligent 3D map.


Sector: Telecom, Enterprise Software, Hardware
Develops products for mindful use of digital tools to prioritize important aspects like social relationships and productivity.

Sector: Media, Marketing, Content Production
A global print platform facilitating businesses to print in 104 countries and helping print houses optimize press usage.

Wave Energy Collective

Sector: Energy, Clean Energy
Provides clean and affordable power derived from ocean waves.

Nurtio Technologies

Sector: Home Living, Connected Device, Artificial Intelligence
Offers the world’s first plant sensor for the interiorscaping industry, combining 


Sector: Travel, Online Travel Agency, Augmented Reality
Connects travelers with locals to offer personalized trip experiences and assistance.


Sector: Energy, Transportation, Energy Storage
Produces a wireless charger for e-vehicles such as e-cargo bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, and autonomous cargo vehicles.

Solar Monkey

Sector: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy
Focuses on output prediction and monitoring of PV systems with the aim of making solar the primary power source worldwide.

Quan Wellbeing

Sector: Health, Jobs Recruitment
Provides science-backed employee well-being software to enable organizations and individuals to use well-being as a foundation for success.


Sector: Energy, Water, Clean Energy
Has a vision to produce green hydrogen and valuable co-products from seawater.


Sector: Wellness & Beauty
100% vegetable and fairtrade detergent from Nepal.

Nocto International B.V.

Sector: Media, Event Tech, Content Production, Social Media
The hospitality tech platform connects consumers, venues, events, and brands.

Delft Advanced Biorenewables

Sector: Food, Agritech
Assists in intensifying large scale biobased chemical and fuel production industries.


Sector: Energy, Waste Solution, Energy Efficiency
Develops magnetocaloric materials converting magnetic energy into thermal energy and vice versa.


Sector: Energy, Engineering & Manufacturing Equipment
Enhances marine life recovery and uses nature to dissipate wave energy, protecting coastlines from erosion and flooding.


Sector: Fintech, Wealth Management
Dutch private company stock exchange.

Monday Merch

Sector: Marketing and SaaS
B2B marketing enterprise software 


Sector: Food, Innovative Food
Plant-based ingredients that are healthy, tasty, and good for you.

Sector: Energy
Online platform connecting companies to tech suppliers and experts, facilitating sustainable energy innovations.

Momo Medical

Sector: Health, Home Living
Nurses’ Workflow App for Dementia Care.

Fusion Engineering

Sector: Robotics, Deep Tech
Drone technology done right.


Sector: Security, Blockchain, Deep Tech
A fully decentralized bug-bounty platform The Hacker DAO.


Sector: Energy, Clean Energy
Transforming the world with Offshore Floating Solar.


Sector: Energy, Waste Solution
Turning post-consumer plastic waste into valuable raw materials.

Global Sustainable Enterprise System

Sector: Energy
World’s leading sustainability and verified ESG Rating Platform.

Salacia Solutions

Sector: Energy
Tracking, reporting, and improving ESG impact with our SaaS powered platform. Certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Cue2Walk International

Sector: Health, Medical Devices
Developing medical devices and applying modern technology to keep people (with Parkinson’s disease) active.

Flapper Drones

Sector: Robotics, Deep Tech
Autonomous animal-like flying robots inspired by birds and insects.


Sector: Health, Medical Devices, Deep Tech
Developing a new method to suppress tremor, based on the concept of noise-canceling.

The Ocean Cleanup

Sector: Energy, Waste Solution, Water, Deep Tech
Develops technologies that prevent oceanic plastic pollution.


Sector: Enterprise Software
SaaS platform that arranges all cancellations and contract takeovers for after a death.


Sector: Security
Charting of financial market data.


Sector: Health, Robotics, Medical Devices, Deep Tech
Specialized in soft-robotic innovation to improve the quality of night’s sleep.

The Seaweed Company

Sector: Health, Food, Biotechnology, Innovative Food, Agritech
Development of high-value seaweed-based products for humans, animals, soils, and plants and in the cultivation of traceable seaweed species at a commercial scale.


Sector: Fintech, Insurance, Financial Management Solutions, Mortgages & Lending
Advanced scoring and predictive analytics to improve lending and insurance.

Reseda Lifesciences Global

Sector: Health, Food
Research and innovation using cutting-edge technologies involving plant extracts and development of unique alternatives to products of daily use for hygiene & healthcare.


Sector: Food, Robotics, Agritech
Reinventing indoor insect control with micro drones.


Sector: Energy, Chemicals, Deep Tech
A pollution-free planet with a pollution-free process.


Sector: Food, Energy, Clean Energy, Agritech
SOLHO develops solar-based energy systems to power greenhouse farms.


Sector: Health, Home Living, Deep Tech
Smart window technology that transforms any glass facade into a noise-cancelling system.


Sector: Fashion, Luxury, Nanotech, Deep Tech
Jewelry production and advanced materials-based solutions for electronic applications.


Sector: Food, In-Store Retail & Restaurant Tech
Healthy pasta and edibles 

Blue Radix

Sector: Food, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Agritech, Machine Learning,
Algorithm-based solutions for greenhouses worldwide.


Sector: Fintech, Insurance
A company creating customized insurance solutions to digital asset owners.

Valley Optics

Sector: Semiconductors, Deep Tech
Opto-mechanical system development to the next level.


Sector: Semiconductors, Space, Deep Tech, IoT
Low-power microelectronic chips to enable IoT.

Closing Note

Rotterdam’s iconic skyline and bustling port have long made headlines, but as evident from the vast array of startups listed, it is also solidifying its place as a major tech hub in Europe.

These startups, spanning a myriad of sectors from energy solutions to deep tech innovations, highlight the city’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurial spirit and technological advancement.

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