Scaleup Report Rotterdam – The State of Rotterdam Tech

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 42 marketing     February 8, 2024

Rotterdam, a dynamic hub of innovation, is rapidly becoming a beacon for tech startups in Europe. In our Scaleup Report Rotterdam edition, we delve into the comprehensive analysis of the top 25 fastest-growing tech and IT startups that are reshaping the industry landscape. 

Be it companies like Dawn Aerospace or Solar Monkey which are revolutionizing the SaaS field, or advanced machine learning/deep tech startups like Cevinio and Cenosco, all of them are setting new benchmarks in technological advancements and entrepreneurial spirit. 

How We Ranked These Companies

We used Dealroom Signal for ranking these companies. 

Dealroom Signal uses a special algorithm, a set of rules and calculations, to analyze various aspects of startups. It looks at things like how fast a company is growing, the background of its founding team, and how ready it is for new funding rounds. 

The algorithm then combines these factors to calculate a score. This score helps in predicting which startups are likely to need funding soon and are showing strong potential for growth.

In our “Scaleup Report Rotterdam,” we’ve used Dealroom Signal to rank the top 25 tech startups. We focused on those showing significant traction – meaning they are growing quickly and making an impact in their field. 

The algorithm helped us identify companies that are not just doing well now, but are also poised for future success. 

This includes looking at their employee growth rates, the experience of their founding teams, and the likelihood of them raising more funds soon. Essentially, Dealroom Signal acts as a predictive tool. It doesn’t just tell us who is doing well now; it gives insights into who could be the next big success story.

ScaleUp Report Rotterdam – Top 25 Picks

Here are the top 25 picks for the fastest growing startups: 

Dawn Aerospace

Sector: Aerospace
Dawn Aerospace is transforming space transportation with its focus on scalable and sustainable solutions. Based in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the U.S., the company has a diverse team of over 130 experts. They are a leading supplier of green-propulsion systems for satellites and have significant achievements in in-space propulsion. 

Solar Monkey

Sector: Renewable Energy Software
Solar Monkey, originating from Delft University of Technology, leads the revolution in solar energy with its innovative software solution. The company empowers solar companies to enhance their operations, optimizing system designs and layouts for maximized energy production. 


Sector: Financial Technology
Cevinio offers advanced accounts payable automation software, combining human expertise with artificial intelligence to streamline financial processes. With over 15 years of experience in developing AI for finance, Cevinio’s software features multi-OCR, low-code/no-code accounting robots, and a compliance toolbox. The company values personal contact and tailors solutions to client needs, aiming to improve business efficiency and empower finance teams.


Sector: E-Learning and Development
Easygenerator is an all-in-one course creation tool for enterprises, streamlining the learning and development process. Its intuitive platform, including the EasyAI feature, facilitates the creation, localization, and sharing of e-learning courses. The platform integrates seamlessly within existing workflows and is compliant with SCORM and xAPI standards. 


Sector: Employment Services
Staffyou connects clients and staff through its digital platform, advocating a new approach to temporary work based on flexibility and mutual respect. Founded in 2016 in Rotterdam, the platform focuses on making the right matches for job happiness, providing a safe and inclusive working environment. Staffyou’s mission is to enable work happiness by aligning the right people with the right jobs.


Sector: Food Technology
Meatable is innovating in the food technology sector with a focus on sustainable meat production. They produce real meat by replicating the natural growth of fat and muscle cells from animals, without the need for industrial farming or animal slaughter. This process significantly reduces the environmental impact of meat production, including lowering GHG emissions and water usage, while also addressing animal welfare concerns.

Nearfield Instruments  

Sector: Semiconductor Metrology
Nearfield Instruments, a spin-off of TNO, specializes in semiconductor metrology equipment. They develop innovative process control metrology solutions for advanced semiconductor manufacturing. The company’s technology plays a crucial role in enabling the miniaturization of electronic components, contributing to advancements in areas like cloud computing, mobile communication, and big data.


Sector: Real Estate
HousingAnywhere operates as an award-winning rental platform in over 30 countries. They streamline the process of finding mid-to-long-term rentals, connecting landlords and tenants without the need for physical viewings. 


Sector: Asset Integrity Management
Cenosco offers a suite of asset integrity management software solutions, enhancing safety and managing costs in asset-intensive industries. Their products, including IMS PEI, IMS RCM, and others, cater to various asset-specific needs, supporting smart inspection and maintenance decisions. 

The Young Digitals

Sector: Digital Marketing
The Young Digitals is a social enterprise offering professional digital marketing services. They focus on providing opportunities for young talents, particularly those who had a challenging start in life, to develop skills in digital marketing. Their services range from social media posts to SEO and targeted campaigns, under the guidance of experienced marketers. 


Sector: Freight Forwarding & Logistics
Shypple facilitates international sea and air freight, ensuring secure, dependable, and cost-effective shipping. Shypple works with reputable carriers and offers real-time shipment tracking. The company prides itself on combining personalized care with the efficiency of digital technology.


Sector: Customized Print Products
Helloprint is the world’s largest marketplace for customized print products. Their extensive product suite includes photo products, apparel, promotional items, and various packaging products with significant customization options. Operating in 21 countries with over 221 producers, Helloprint focuses on local production to reduce costs, delivery times, and carbon footprint.

Check here more about Helloprint and its success stories.

Pieter Pot

Sector: Sustainable Retail & E-commerce
Pieter Pot is a revolutionary concept in sustainable grocery shopping, delivering products in reusable glass jars throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. They aim to reduce packaging waste and CO2 emissions by offering a convenient and eco-friendly shopping experience. Customers can order online, receive home deliveries in deposit jars, and return empty jars on subsequent deliveries.


Sector: Education & Tutoring
DeBijlesStudent, established in 2012, offers professional homework guidance, individual tutoring, and exam training, mainly in the Netherlands. With over a decade of experience, they collaborate with numerous secondary schools and employ students from top universities like Leiden, Erasmus, and TU Delft. DeBijlesStudent aims to provide affordable and high-quality educational support, helping students excel academically. They also engage in collaborations and initiatives to further educational development.

Sector: Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets is a leading platform in the cryptocurrency sector, focusing on airdrops, giveaways, and earning opportunities in the crypto world. Since 2017, they have been a trusted source for discovering new crypto projects and ways to earn digital assets. The platform offers a comprehensive library of airdrop campaigns, and their services include news updates, educational resources, and partner listings. 

IT Synergy

Sector: Information Technology
IT Synergy is a leading IT specialist in the Netherlands, offering comprehensive ICT support for a range of businesses, from SMEs to multinationals. Their online workplace provides a total package of ICT solutions, delivering full-service IT support. 

No Label

Sector: Fashion Retail
No Label, established in 2013, specializes in high-quality menswear at reasonable prices. Starting as a private label manufacturer, they now focus on ‘functional clothing’ – essential menswear in various styles. With an emphasis on accessibility, authenticity, and product-driven quality, No Label directly connects with customers, offering a curated basic collection.


Sector: Cryptocurrency Exchange
Bitvavo is a digital asset platform launched in 2018, aiming to bridge traditional currencies and digital assets. Their mission is to make digital assets universally accessible, combining the ease of a broker platform with the low fees of a digital asset exchange.


Sector: Cybersecurity
NFIR offers comprehensive cybersecurity services, including preventive and reactive solutions. Specializing in incident response and digital forensic investigation, NFIR provides 24/7 support to resolve IT security incidents and secure digital evidence. Their preventive services include penetration testing, security monitoring, and awareness training to enhance cyber resilience. 

Cloud Primero

Sector: IT and Business Consulting
Cloud Primero is a global IT solution company offering technology consulting and services. Specializing in big data, cloud services, AI, and custom application development, they focus on digital solutions and digital transformation initiatives. Cloud Primero serves startups, VCs, and enterprises, helping them with product development, technical due diligence, and digital transformation. 


Sector: Business Communications
Anywhere365 revolutionizes business communications by optimizing dialogue management through its Dialogue Cloud platform, native to Microsoft Teams. Serving over 2000 global clients, including Fortune 500 members, Anywhere365 enables seamless integration of customer service interactions within the Microsoft ecosystem. Their platform reduces unnecessary dialogues and enhances customer experience through omnichannel support, AI-driven bots, and data-driven insights, aiming to transform contact centers into modern, efficient communication hubs.

Team Rockstars IT

Sector: IT Services
Founded in 2015, they prioritize the well-being and happiness of their employees, believing this directly translates to enhanced performance and impact. By focusing on employee satisfaction, they ensure that their IT professionals are well-placed to make a significant impact on their clients’ projects.


Sector: Employment Services
Daan stands out in the employment services sector with a focus on creating a world of fun jobs and excellent employership. They believe in a personal, open, and honest approach to ensure the right fit for both their external and internal candidates. 


Sector: Equipment Lease Financing
Beequip is a specialist in leasing heavy equipment, such as machinery, maritime, and vehicles, particularly for SMEs. They offer unique lease solutions for both new and used equipment, placing the value of the equipment above the company’s financials in the assessment process. 


Sector: Automotive Repair
Schadenet specializes in efficient and environmentally conscious car damage repair. With a network of branches, they provide quick and easy damage repair services, ensuring the best prices and fast turnaround times. 

Statistical Analysis

The tech startup scene in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is marked by a diverse and dynamic ecosystem, with numerous startups spanning various industries and sectors, showcasing the city’s growing influence in the tech world.

  • Several startups in Rotterdam have gained notable attention due to their innovative approaches and rapid growth. For instance, Conversation24, a conversational commerce platform, has secured $3.2 million in seed funding and employs 101 to 250 people. Another notable startup is VIKTOR, a low-code workflow automation platform, which has raised $5.4 million in Series A funding and employs 11 to 50 people.
  • In addition to these, the Rotterdam tech scene includes a broad range of startups like Helloprint, an online print platform with operations across Europe, and Lendahand, an online marketplace for impact investing.
  • The tech ecosystem in Rotterdam also features startups focused on deep tech, quantum technologies, and innovative food solutions. For instance, companies like Quantware, which develops superconducting quantum processors, and Meatable, which is pioneering clean meat from animal cells, are indicative of the cutting-edge technological advancements emerging from the city.
  • In addition to these startups, Rotterdam’s startup ecosystem is supported by numerous co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators. For example, 42workspace is a tech-focused co-working space that brings together freelancers, entrepreneurs, and early-stage startups. Moreover, the city houses several incubators and accelerators like Yes!Delft and PortXL, which provide strategic and operational support to startups, especially in areas related to technology and port innovation​​.

Methods To Foster Faster Development

Given below are some practices you can implement in your systems to scale up faster and streamline your processes. 

  1. Leverage Agile Methodologies: Agile methodologies, like Scrum and Kanban, are ideal for IT and tech startups. They emphasize flexibility, continuous improvement, and rapid iteration, allowing teams to adapt quickly to changing needs and market trends. By breaking down projects into smaller, manageable units, startups can focus on delivering functional features quickly and efficiently, gathering feedback early, and making necessary adjustments without significant setbacks. 
  2. Invest in Automation and Tools: Automation is key in accelerating development processes. Startups should invest in tools that automate repetitive tasks, like code integration, testing, and deployment. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines streamline the development process, reduce human error, and ensure that new code changes are automatically tested and deployed. 
  3. Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning: The tech landscape is continually evolving, and staying updated with the latest technologies and practices is crucial. Creating a learning culture where team members are encouraged to acquire new skills, share knowledge, and stay abreast of industry trends can drive innovation. 
  4. Encourage Open Communication and Collaboration: A collaborative environment where ideas and feedback are freely exchanged fosters innovation and quick problem-solving. Startups should encourage open communication across different teams and hierarchies.
  5. Focus on Customer Feedback and Market Needs: Integrating customer feedback into the development process is critical. Startups should engage with their users early and often, gathering insights about their needs and preferences. This can be done through beta testing, user surveys, focus groups, and analyzing usage data. By understanding what the market wants and needs, startups can prioritize features and improvements that add real value, thereby ensuring that the product developed resonates with the target audience and has a better chance of success in the market.

Summing Up

Companies like Dawn Aerospace and SolarMonkey are leading the way in the SaaS sector, while Cevinio and Cenosco are making strides in machine learning and deep tech. These companies represent the tip of the iceberg in Rotterdam’s diverse and vibrant startup scene.

As we look to the future, it’s evident that Rotterdam will continue to be a significant player in the European tech scene. The city’s commitment to fostering a thriving startup ecosystem, coupled with its strategic position and entrepreneurial spirit, will undoubtedly lead to more success stories.