Success Stories: HelloPrint

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 Ohad Gilad     February 14, 2024

Success Stories: HelloPrint

“Rotterdam is a city that is always changing and that helps you grow. It is always busy renewing things and looking for ways to do them better.”

HelloPrint is a scale-up based in Rotterdam which began its operations in 2013. The company launched with the vision of simplifying ordering print for businesses and consumers globally. “Making ordering print easier.” They strive to connect customers to suppliers using their in-house algorithm that matches quality at the lowest price.

The platform is now live in 8 countries, and serves over 680,000 customers, generating over 500,000 orders per year. Additionally, their portfolio consists of an e-commerce white label and API solutions that are used by over 70 partners.

(Source: HelloPrint – Success Stories: HelloPrint)

Hans Scheffer, the CEO, and founder of HelloPrint, nicely highlights the importance of having a strong community. “We give our people space and freedom to be in control of their professional life, and they appreciate it. We’re all equal.” He is convinced that a strong team is all an entrepreneur needs to build and scale a successful business.

After launching in 2013, HelloPrint quickly gained traction and revenue was going through the roof. As their team grew rapidly, they were in need of additional office space. This is when in November of 2017, HelloPrint moved across the street to 42workspace. The company started on the first floor and had a Private Office with 8 desks. Hans chose 42 as he valued the need for a community, and being situated at our office would help realize the companies ambitions. This turned out to be a real success story. As only 6 months later, they moved up 3 floors from a private office to a whole floor with 45 desks. “It was fascinating to see the growth and success of our member HelloPrint.” – Ohad Gilad (founder of 42workspace)

(Source: 42workspace – Success Stories: HelloPrint)

Shortly after being a member here at 42, HelloPrint also became a partner. The company helped build up the tech community here in Rotterdam. Being a very active company they helped boost the community vibe. Together we made steps to organize and active: drinks, a daily buffest, a fully equipped gym, and we even started a foundation: WeTechRotterdam to improve the whole tech ecosystem of the Rotterdam region. They won many awards, including Rotterdam entrepreneur of the year 2019. They are the ultimate example to show the power of team culture.

We are proud to work together HelloPrint and call them a partner!

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