Tech Communities in The Netherlands – Top 50

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 42 marketing     February 13, 2024

The Netherlands, renowned for its cutting-edge technological advancements, is also a hub for vibrant tech communities. These communities play a pivotal role in shaping the Dutch tech landscape, bringing together professionals, enthusiasts, and innovators from various tech domains. 

They act as incubators for ideas, fostering knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration. In this exploration of the top 50 tech communities, we delve into the unique ecosystems they have created. 

Rotterdam, in particular, has undergone a remarkable evolution, reflecting the city’s dynamic spirit and commitment to innovation. Over the years, the city has seen the rise of numerous tech startups, driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a supportive ecosystem.

With a focus on collaboration, creativity, and sustainability, Rotterdam continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the Netherlands. From Rotterdam Tech Social, a gathering place for tech leaders in Rotterdam, to Amsterdam JS, a hub for JavaScript enthusiasts, these communities are the heartbeat of the Dutch tech scene.

General Communities

These communities are more broad-based, focusing on networking, sharing, and collaboration among tech professionals, enthusiasts, and leaders across various domains of technology.


Rotterdam Tech Social

Rotterdam Tech Social, hosted at 42workspace, is a curated assembly designed for tech pioneers in Rotterdam. Established to foster connections among tech leaders, founders, investors, and top talents, the event emphasizes candid dialogue and knowledge exchange. 

They have engaging conversations that exceeded set timers, indicating the event’s success, affirmed by an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9.2. Join the collective and be a part of this thriving ecosystem.

  • For Whom: Tech leaders, founders, investors, and top talents.
  • Location: Rotterdam


Tech in Motion: Amsterdam

A broad tech community, it conducts events that span various tech topics from software development, AI, to tech entrepreneurship. It’s a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussing the latest trends in the tech industry.

  • For Whom: Tech professionals, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.
  • Location: Amsterdam


Women Code in Rotterdam

A community supporting female coders in Rotterdam. They aim to provide an inclusive space for women to learn, collaborate, and excel in the tech industry, bridging gender gaps.

  • For Whom: Women in tech, especially coders.
  • Location: Rotterdam


Open Source & Feel Good – Open-source enthusiasts

This community cherishes the open-source ethos. They discuss open-source projects, contributions, and the broader implications of open software on technology and society.

  • For Whom: Open-source enthusiasts and contributors across various tech fields.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands


Code for NL – Civic tech community

Dedicated to using tech for public good, this community collaborates on projects that can benefit society, such as open data platforms, public service apps, and more.

  • For Whom: Tech professionals interested in civic technology and societal improvement.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands


Amsterdam Women in Tech

Celebrating the contributions of women in the tech industry, this community supports, empowers, and mentors women in various tech roles. They aim to bridge gender gaps and encourage more women to take up and excel in tech careers.

  • For Whom: Women working in or aspiring to join the tech industry.
  • Location: Amsterdam


Tech Meetup Utrecht

A general tech meetup for Utrecht’s tech community. Topics range from software development, cloud computing, to emerging tech trends, offering a platform for networking and collaboration.

  • For Whom: Tech professionals and enthusiasts in Utrecht and surrounding areas.
  • Location: Utrecht


Amsterdam Tech Talks

A broad platform for tech professionals in Amsterdam, they cover a plethora of topics from software engineering, data science, to tech entrepreneurship. It’s a space for networking and knowledge exchange.

  • For Whom: Tech professionals interested in networking and knowledge exchange.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Tech Communities in the Netherlands

Game Developers Meetup Amsterdam

This group is a haven for game developers, be it for PCs, consoles, or mobile platforms. They share development experiences, tools, graphics insights, and gameplay mechanics, fostering creativity in the game development realm.

  • For Whom: Game developers and enthusiasts in the Amsterdam area.
  • Location: Amsterdam


Topical Communities

These communities are more focused on specific technologies, programming languages, or methodologies, providing specialized knowledge and collaboration opportunities.

Amsterdam JS – JavaScript community in Amsterdam

Amsterdam JS is a premier community dedicated to JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Based in Amsterdam, this community gathers developers, both seasoned and beginners, to share their passion for JavaScript. 

They host regular meetups, workshops, and annual conferences, bringing in speakers from all over the world. Their events focus on the latest trends, frameworks, and best practices in the JavaScript world.

  • For Whom: JavaScript developers of all levels.
  • Location: Amsterdam


NLHTML5 – HTML5 developers and enthusiasts in the Netherlands

NLHTML5 is a national community that brings together developers and enthusiasts passionate about HTML5. As the standard markup language used for creating web pages, HTML5 has brought a plethora of features that make web development more dynamic and interactive. 

  • For Whom: Web developers and HTML5 enthusiasts.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands


AmsterdamPHP – PHP developer community in Amsterdam

AmsterdamPHP is a thriving community for PHP developers in Amsterdam. PHP, a widely-used server-side scripting language, has a large user base, and this community serves as a hub for them. AmsterdamPHP arranges monthly meetups, featuring talks from seasoned developers, open source contributors, and industry experts. 

  • For Whom: PHP developers and server-side programming enthusiasts.
  • Location: Amsterdam


Dutch Django Association – Focused on Django

The Dutch Django Association champions the use of Django, a high-level Python web framework that promotes rapid development and a clean design. This community aims to support the growth and use of Django in the Netherlands. 

They organize events, workshops, and conferences, allowing developers to network, learn from each other, and discuss the best practices in Django development.

  • For Whom: Web developers, especially those using Django.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands


Dutch Kubernetes Meetup – Community for Kubernetes users

Kubernetes, an open-source platform designed to automate deploying, scaling, and operating application containers, has seen immense popularity in recent years. The Dutch Kubernetes Meetup serves as a focal point for Kubernetes enthusiasts and professionals in the Netherlands. 

  • For Whom: Kubernetes enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands


NL-JUG – The Dutch Java User Group

NL-JUG, or the Dutch Java User Group, is a community dedicated to Java, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. They provide a platform for Java professionals, students, and enthusiasts to come together and share knowledge. 

NL-JUG hosts regular events, including the renowned J-Fall conference, where attendees can hear from international speakers, participate in workshops, and network with fellow Java aficionados.

  • For Whom: Java developers and users.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands


Blockchain Netherlands – Blockchain enthusiasts and professionals

This revolutionary technology underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and has applications far beyond just digital currency. Blockchain Netherlands conducts events, workshops, and discussions focusing on the various facets of blockchain, from its technical underpinnings to its myriad applications in industries like finance, healthcare, and logistics.

  • For Whom: Blockchain enthusiasts and professionals, including those interested in the technology’s applications in finance, healthcare, logistics, and beyond.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

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Data Science Amsterdam – For data scientists in Amsterdam

Data Science Amsterdam is a haven for data science professionals and enthusiasts based in Amsterdam. In today’s data-driven world, the field of data science has become indispensable.

This community offers events, talks, and workshops on various data science topics, from machine learning to statistical analysis. It’s a place where budding data scientists can learn, and experienced professionals can share their insights.

  • For Whom: Data science professionals and enthusiasts, including those interested in machine learning and statistical analysis.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Frontend Developer Meetup Amsterdam

Catering to the rapidly evolving world of frontend web development, this meetup brings together frontend developers from Amsterdam and its surrounding areas. They delve into topics like modern JavaScript frameworks, CSS techniques, UX/UI design, and performance optimization.

  • For Whom: Frontend developers, particularly those working with modern JavaScript frameworks, CSS, and UX/UI design.
  • Location: Amsterdam and surrounding areas

PyData Amsterdam – Python data professionals

PyData Amsterdam serves the thriving data science community that uses Python, one of the leading languages for data manipulation and analysis. This group regularly conducts seminars, workshops, and hackathons to help professionals hone their skills, ranging from data visualization to machine learning, always with a Pythonic touch.

  • For Whom: Data science professionals using Python, from beginners to experienced practitioners in data visualization and machine learning.
  • Location: Amsterdam

IoT Amsterdam – Internet of Things enthusiasts

Focusing on the ever-expanding world of the Internet of Things, IoT Amsterdam brings together professionals, hobbyists, and businesses that see the potential of interconnected devices. 

  • For Whom: Professionals, hobbyists, and businesses interested in the Internet of Things and interconnected devices.
  • Location: Amsterdam

UX Designers HQ Amsterdam

This community is the focal point for User Experience (UX) professionals in Amsterdam. They champion the importance of creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Through workshops, talks, and networking events, members share best practices, new research, and innovative designs to enhance user experiences.

  • For Whom: User Experience (UX) professionals and those interested in creating user-friendly interfaces.
  • Location: Amsterdam

VR | AR | MR Netherlands – Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality enthusiasts

Catering to the emerging technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, this group is at the forefront of immersive tech in the Netherlands. They explore applications ranging from gaming to medical training, and from architecture to art, emphasizing both the development and the experience aspects.

  • For Whom: Enthusiasts and professionals in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, including developers and users.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Laravel Amsterdam – For Laravel PHP framework users

Laravel Amsterdam is dedicated to users of the Laravel PHP framework. Given the framework’s elegant syntax and rich features, this community gathers developers to share their experiences, discuss best practices, and explore the latest features and packages in the Laravel ecosystem.

  • For Whom: Developers using the Laravel PHP framework, from beginners to experienced programmers.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Amsterdam Ruby Meetup – Ruby developers

This community congregates Ruby enthusiasts and professionals in Amsterdam. With a focus on the dynamic Ruby language and its popular web framework, Ruby on Rails, they host sessions on best coding practices, gem showcases, and more.

  • For Whom: Ruby developers and enthusiasts, including those interested in Ruby on Rails.
  • Location: Amsterdam

GDG Cloud Netherlands – Google Developer Group for Cloud

Part of the global GDG community, this group centers on Google’s cloud technologies. From Google Cloud Platform services to Kubernetes, they offer talks, hands-on labs, and workshops for professionals aiming to leverage Google’s cloud offerings.

  • For Whom: Professionals and enthusiasts interested in Google’s cloud technologies, including Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Android – Android developers in Amsterdam

This community unites Android app developers from Amsterdam and nearby regions. Members explore the latest in Android development, from new OS features to best practices in app design and functionality.

  • For Whom: Android app developers and those interested in Android development.
  • Location: Amsterdam and nearby regions

Dutch .NET Group

As the name suggests, the Dutch .NET Group is centered around Microsoft’s .NET framework. They cater to developers using languages like C# and tools like Azure, discussing the latest updates, packages, and best coding practices in the .NET ecosystem.

  • For Whom: Developers using Microsoft’s .NET framework, including languages like C# and tools like Azure.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

AI Amsterdam – Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts in Amsterdam

AI Amsterdam delves into the vast world of Artificial Intelligence. From deep learning and neural networks to ethical considerations and real-world applications, this group facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas amongst AI professionals and enthusiasts.

  • For Whom: AI professionals and enthusiasts, including those interested in deep learning, neural networks, and AI ethics.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Tech Communities in the Netherlands

Azure User Group Netherlands

Catering to users of Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, this community explores the myriad services and solutions offered by Azure. They discuss everything from virtual machines to AI services, helping members make the most of Azure’s offerings.

  • For Whom: Users of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, ranging from beginners to experienced professionals.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Dutch Azure Meetup

Similar to the Azure User Group, the Dutch Azure Meetup focuses on Microsoft’s Azure platform, often diving deeper into specific tools, solutions, or innovations within the Azure ecosystem.

  • For Whom: Individuals interested in deeper aspects of Microsoft’s Azure platform, including specific tools and solutions.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Eindhoven JavaScript Meetup

Serving the tech-savvy population of Eindhoven, this community gathers JavaScript developers to discuss the latest trends, tools, and libraries in the vast JavaScript landscape.

  • For Whom: JavaScript developers in the Eindhoven area, including those interested in the latest trends and libraries.
  • Location: Eindhoven

The Things Network Amsterdam – IoT network community

A community that’s part of a global initiative, The Things Network Amsterdam emphasizes building a decentralized IoT data network. They champion the use of LoRaWAN technology, providing Amsterdam with wide-area connectivity for IoT devices.

  • For Whom: Individuals and businesses interested in building a decentralized IoT data network, using technologies like LoRaWAN.
  • Location: Amsterdam

ProductTank AMS – Product management community

ProductTank AMS focuses on product management, bringing together product professionals to share insights, experiences, and best practices. From ideation to go-to-market strategies, they cover all facets of product development.

  • For Whom: Product management professionals, covering aspects from ideation to go-to-market strategies.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Amsterdam Artificial Intelligence Meetup

Focusing solely on AI, this meetup gathers experts, learners, and enthusiasts to discuss algorithms, models, applications, and the future of AI in various sectors.

  • For Whom: AI experts, learners, and enthusiasts discussing AI algorithms, models, and applications.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Cloud-Native Amsterdam

With the growing trend towards cloud-native applications, this community delves into the best practices, tools, and strategies for building and deploying applications designed to run in cloud environments.

  • For Whom: Professionals interested in building and deploying cloud-native applications.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Functional Programming Utrecht

Focused on the paradigm of functional programming, this Utrecht-based community is dedicated to discussions, workshops, and events around languages like Haskell, Elixir, and Erlang. It promotes the principles of immutability, first-class functions, and pure functions.

  • For Whom: Enthusiasts and professionals in functional programming languages like Haskell, Elixir, and Erlang.
  • Location: Utrecht

GraphQL NL

A community for enthusiasts of GraphQL, a query language for APIs. They discuss best practices, tooling, and the intricacies of building efficient, type-safe, and flexible APIs using GraphQL.

  • For Whom: Developers and enthusiasts of GraphQL, a query language for APIs.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Unity User Group Netherlands

Dedicated to Unity, one of the most popular game development platforms, this group gathers game developers, designers, and enthusiasts to share insights, techniques, and innovations in the world of Unity game creation.

  • For Whom: Game developers and designers using Unity, as well as enthusiasts of the platform.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Utrecht Java User Group

Based in Utrecht, this group is dedicated to the Java programming language, discussing its frameworks, tools, and best practices. It acts as a hub for Java professionals and enthusiasts in the Utrecht region.

  • For Whom: Java professionals and enthusiasts based in the Utrecht region.
  • Location: Utrecht

Amsterdam Salesforce Developer Group

A community centered around Salesforce, the leading CRM platform. They discuss the development, customization, and best practices for Salesforce implementations.

  • For Whom: Professionals working with Salesforce CRM, including developers and customizers.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Agile Holland

Focused on Agile methodologies, Agile Holland brings together professionals interested in Scrum, Kanban, and other Agile practices. They discuss project management strategies, team dynamics, and the principles of Agile development.

  • For Whom: Professionals interested in Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Civic AI Lab Amsterdam

Focusing on the intersection of AI and societal benefits, this lab discusses the ethical considerations, applications, and innovations of AI that can positively impact society.

  • For Whom: Individuals interested in the ethical considerations and applications of AI for societal benefit.
  • Location: Amsterdam

NL Augmented Reality (AR) & Mixed Reality (MR) Meetup

This group dives into the worlds of Augmented and Mixed Reality. From discussing the latest hardware to developing immersive applications, they are at the forefront of AR/MR innovations in the Netherlands.

  • For Whom: Enthusiasts and professionals in Augmented and Mixed Reality.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Dutch Hadoop User Group

Dedicated to Hadoop, an open-source big data framework, this group discusses its ecosystem, tools like Pig and Hive, and strategies for large-scale data processing.

  • For Whom: Professionals and enthusiasts of the Hadoop big data framework and its related technologies.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Drupal User Group Amsterdam

For enthusiasts of Drupal, a popular open-source content management system. This community shares insights into Drupal development, themes, modules, and best practices.

  • For Whom: Enthusiasts and developers of Drupal, including those interested in Drupal development, themes, modules, and best practices.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Go User Group Amsterdam – For Golang developers

A hub for developers using Go (or Golang), a statically typed, compiled language developed by Google. They discuss its syntax, libraries, and applications, emphasizing its simplicity and efficiency.

  • For Whom: Developers using Go (or Golang), including those interested in its syntax, libraries, and applications.
  • Location: Amsterdam

Machine Learning Netherlands

A community for machine learning practitioners and enthusiasts. They delve into algorithms, frameworks, and real-world applications of machine learning across various industries.

  • For Whom: Machine learning practitioners and enthusiasts, covering topics from algorithms to real-world applications in various industries.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Leiden Software Developers Meetup

Serving the software developer community in Leiden, this meetup discusses a wide range of programming languages, tools, and development methodologies.

  • For Whom: Software developers in Leiden, interested in a range of programming languages, tools, and methodologies.
  • Location: Leiden

WebRTC Netherlands

Focused on WebRTC, a technology enabling real-time communication in browsers and mobile applications. This group delves into its implementations, challenges, and innovations.

  • For Whom: Professionals and enthusiasts focused on WebRTC technology, suitable for anyone interested in real-time communication in web and mobile applications.
  • Location: Nationwide in the Netherlands

Wordpress Meetup Rotterdam

For WordPress enthusiasts in Rotterdam, from bloggers to developers. This community discusses themes, plugins, SEO strategies, and best practices for building and managing WordPress websites.

  • For Whom: WordPress enthusiasts in Rotterdam, including bloggers, developers, and users interested in themes, plugins, and SEO strategies.
  • Location: Rotterdam

Tech Communities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is undeniably a hotspot for tech innovation and community-driven growth. These communities are the backbone of the thriving tech ecosystem, fostering connections and driving forward the wave of innovation.

With spaces that welcome every tech enthusiast, from the coder to the investor, the Dutch tech scene is an embodiment of inclusive growth and collective progress. 

Dive into any of these communities and become a part of the ever-evolving tech narrative. Embrace, Engage, and Elevate with the Dutch tech spirit.


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