42workspace ranked best coworking space in Rotterdam by Nomad Capitalist

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 admin     January 29, 2024

42workspace ranked best coworking space

Three cheers!

42workspace has been selected as the top coworking space in Rotterdam in Nomad Capitalist’s overview of the best coworking spaces in Europe.

Click here to check out the article and the full list of coworking spaces on Nomad Capitalist.

“Europe has long been a prime destination for digital nomads. Its diverse cultures and travel destinations can keep any perpetual traveller bouncing from one country in the region to another for more than a year.

Even better, Europe has the perfect set up for running your location independent business amidst your many travels. Sure, the EU has it’s problems, but many entrepreneurs could achieve great success running their business from Europe rather than from a beach in Thailand. Great WiFi, little to no visa problems, many great cities for value and cost of living, and affordable workers are among Europe’s many qualities.” – Andrew Henderson

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Working from home may seem optimal for many of us but the home office is no long-term solution. Similarly, traditional office spaces are outdated and often lack engaging work environments for freelancers/entrepreneurs/startups. So what is a cost-effective solution that provides flexibility and a vibrant work environment? This complete Coworking Spaces in Rotterdam Guide will answer this question.

Coworking refers to working in a shared working environment. Members work independently from the host organization in a collaborative space. This is the preferred working way for those who seek flexibility, want to increase their productivity, and desire to move away from isolation (home office).

42workspace ranked best coworking space