5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing an office

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 Ohad Gilad     February 19, 2024

5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing an office

Choosing the right office space is trickier than you think. Your working environment can have a huge impact on your business. It can even be the element that tips the scale either towards success or failure for your company.

The following 5 mistakes are very common, and you should make sure you give your startup the best environment to grow into:

1. Renting an office without enough flexibility

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Choosing an office space without a flexible contract plan will mean that you will be stuck and slowed down because of paperwork. The right office spaces offer month-to-month contracts so your startup can have the freedom that it needs to grow properly. With flexible contracts, you can switch plans and office units easily. No commitments will also mean less risk if you run into trouble!


2. Signing a contract with hidden costs

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Be careful about hidden or extra costs. Make sure you read about everything included in your contract. Some office spaces can put limits on your use of facilities and can charge you more than you expect (even for basics such as your internet connection). This can be very costly and frustrating in the long-run. Your best option is to choose a space with all-inclusive plans, no limits, and no extra costs.


3. Choosing a workspace with no community

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Choosing a workspace just for the space itself is a big mistake. You’re not only choosing where you work but also who you’re surrounded by. Your best option to deal with this is to choose a lively working environment with like-minded people in similar situations. Coworking spaces are an especially good choice if you’re looking to meet and get inspired by other people like you.

Here’s 42workspace’s community blog that gives you an insight into what happens in the communities of coworking spaces.


4. Situating in places with no access to talent


If your startup is at a point where you’re constantly looking for talent, it will be easier to find the people you need right where you are. Coworking spaces are filled with self-starters, remote workers, freelancers, and digital nomads, so it is far easier to find the people you need to help you with your work. Acquiring the right talent is costly, and joining a community where you are likely to find who you need simply through word of mouth can save you both time and money.

Here’s a list of some of the best tech venues in Rotterdam that host many texh events and you could find top talent in such events.


5. Renting a workspace with uninspiring layout or design

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It might not seem important at first, but workspace design can have a lot of impact on your productivity and general mood. The best workspaces are well lit, have comfortable ergonomic seating, and feature a lot of room and plant-life. Never underestimate what these features can do to your team’s productivity, it will make a huge difference!

If you’d like to know more, you could read our article on the 5 benefits of coworking.


Choosing the right office space can make the difference between a winning startup and a losing one. The good news is that if you rent a space with 42workspace, you will avoid all of these common issues:

  • Our contracts are flexible and all-inclusive, which means that you get everything you need (no hidden fees!) and you don’t have to worry about committing to the same space if you’re having issues or you need to grow. 
  • 42workspace’s strength is our curated community– the 42family. You will surely find interesting, like-minded, and inspiring people. There is also a lot of talent within our community, and it is often the case that members help each other.
  • Coworking spaces are designed to promote health, productivity, and general well-being. 42workspace was built with the same idea in mind. Natural light flows through every corner of the building, our furniture is ergonomic and pleasing to the eye, and there is enough plantlife around to fill an Olympic-sized pool. 

Choose the right office space today! You can check out our different membership options here.  To overcome potential 5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing an office.

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