Tech Event Venues in Rotterdam: Where to host your next event

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 Dameli Mukasheva     February 5, 2024

Are you searching for the perfect tech event venues in Rotterdam? Well, you’re in luck – this city is home to a variety of great locations perfect for hosting all kinds of events. From small, intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences, there’s a venue out there to suit your needs.

Stick around until the end of this article for a list of the best places in the city to host a tech event.


The current state of technological innovation in Rotterdam

When it comes to technological innovation, Rotterdam is definitely on the rise. In recent years, the Dutch city has become a hub for startups and tech companies, attracting impressive talent from all over the world. According to Rotterdam Partners, 180,000+ highly skilled professionals in the IT industry of Europe wish to work in the Netherlands. And it makes sense; Rotterdam makes for the perfect urban hubspot to grow this talent pool of innovators.

But startups aren’t the only ones thriving in Rotterdam; larger, more established companies are also investing in the city’s growing tech scene. Microsoft, for example, recently opened a new office in Rotterdam’s Central District and IBM has launched a new Innovation Space in the city center.


Why Rotterdam?

With so much happening in its tech scene, it’s no surprise that Rotterdam is bustling with a variety of tech industries, including maritime, IT, cybersecurity, energy, mobility & logistics, life sciences & health, high tech systems & materials, circular, horticulture, and aerospace. More than 9000 companies are working in IT & technology.

Not only are there many different paths a startup or tech company can decide to take in Rotterdam, but there is also a substantial support system to stimulate innovation and help businesses reach their full potential. With a wide selection of educational programs, trainings and workshops, as well as mentorships and frequent networking events taking place around the city, you’ll be surprised by the number of opportunities available for inspired innovators.

As a result of rapid development in the tech and business industries, Rotterdam has become a popular destination for hosting events and conferences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional conference center or a space that has a bit of character, you’ll find plenty of unique event venues in Rotterdam to choose from. 

Top tech event venues in Rotterdam for hosting an event

  1. 42workspace

Primarily, there is our very own – 42workspace. This coworking area can offer any type of space you’re looking for, from a meeting or conference room to an expansive rooftop or a theater auditorium. The entire office building has a welcoming atmosphere with modern design, various plants, and large windows all around. 

Meeting rooms are equipped with LCD TV screens and flip-over boards, perfect for presentations or hybrid meetings with colleagues who are unable to join physically. The common areas also have smaller booths and tables with PCs, ideal for staying focused on work individually or in pairs. Plus, 42workspace also provides its visitors with coffee, delicious snacks, and comfortable rest areas.

Meanwhile, up a few floors, the rooftop and theater are equipped with beamers & screens, LCD TV screens, microphones and speakers, and flip-over boards. Depending on event context and weather conditions, larger gatherings may take place in these spaces which create a dynamic atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Tech Noir

The heart of Rotterdam city center is also home to Tech Noir, a lively cafe with an electric Tech Noir often hosts business-related events. Despite mainly functioning as an event venue in Rotterdam for professional gatherings, this space keeps up a laid-back and fun atmosphere thanks to bright decorations and lighting.


  1. Weena Rotterdam

Located close to the Central Station, Weena Rotterdam is a beautiful bar-restaurant that is not only a good meetup spot for colleagues to brunch, have dinner, or get post-work drinks, but it is also a great venue to host events due to a separate room with its own bar. This additional space is great for welcoming larger groups of guests. 

In addition to food, drinks, and large events, Weena Rotterdam also hosts a weekly Pub Quiz in both English and Dutch. This event makes for a fun team-building activity to participate in with your fellow colleagues. Be sure to add the Ween Rotterdam’s Pub Quiz to your team calendar!

No matter what type of event you’re planning, Rotterdam has a venue fit for you, your event staff and your honored guests. Pick a place from our list and you’ll be on your way to hosting a successful gathering.

Upstream’s Superconnectors was one such event that brought together dynamic founders, policymakers, investors, and bold corporates of Rotterdam all under one roof!