Tech Accelerators in the Netherlands – Top 50

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 42 marketing     February 25, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation, the Netherlands stands out as a hub for some of the most dynamic and diverse tech accelerators. 

These accelerators are pivotal in nurturing startups, providing them with essential resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to scale their ideas into successful ventures. 

For instance, the Plug and Play Tech Center in Amsterdam, focusing on sectors like Fintech, Insurtech, and Advanced Manufacturing, connects startups with large corporations, facilitating valuable deal flows and networking opportunities. Similarly, EIT InnoEnergy champions Sustainable Energy Innovations, bolstering technologies that significantly reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Other notable accelerators include Accelerate Amsterdam, specializing in Business Modelling, Customer Development, Growth Hacking, and Circular Factory, which aids startups in building factories for circular or biobased products.

Rotterdam, the maritime capital of Europe, has emerged as a fertile ground for tech accelerators catering to innovations in logistics, maritime technologies, and sustainable solutions. The PortXL accelerator, for instance, focuses on port and maritime startups, leveraging Rotterdam’s strategic location and industry expertise to drive technological advancements in areas like supply chain optimization and green shipping.

How We Ranked These Companies, underpinned by the Dealroom Signal, serves as a crucial resource for investors, startups, and governmental bodies worldwide, offering a detailed view of the international startup landscape. This is the tool we have utilized for this ranking: 

Step 1: Data Collection

  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and complex algorithms to gather data from various public domains such as news reports, corporate filings, domain registries, and app store analyses.
  • Ensure automation in data collection for real-time updates, reflecting current market trends.

Step 2: Collaboration and Data Enrichment

  • Collaborate with local governments for accessing unique datasets and establishing an interconnected network for data sharing.
  • This collaboration enhances the depth and relevance of the data.

Step 3: Data Verification

  • Conduct a thorough verification of every data point, whether AI-generated or contributed by partners.
  • Employ the Intelligence Unit and a team of analysts, supported by specialized software tools, to ensure data integrity.

Step 4: Advanced Analysis

  • Apply advanced data science techniques, including machine learning, to analyze the collected data.
  • Extract meaningful insights and discern trends, which are essential for predictive analytics.

Step 5: Global Reach and Integration

  • Establish vital partnerships in major technological hubs worldwide to expand the data reach.
  • Integrate this extensive global data into the analysis for a comprehensive understanding of each company.

Step 6: Ranking Methodology

  • Use predictive analytics and insights derived from the data to evaluate and rank companies.
  • Consider factors such as market trends, innovation potential, and global impact.

This sophisticated tool is integral in ranking pioneering companies by leveraging a host of varied criteria.

At the heart of the Dealroom Signal’s functionality lies its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and intricate algorithms. These tools are adept at gathering extensive data from an array of public domains, encompassing news reports, corporate filings, domain registries, and app store analyses. 

Data accuracy is a cornerstone for Dealroom. Every data point, whether AI-generated or contributed by partners, undergoes a thorough verification process. This crucial step is meticulously executed by the Intelligence Unit and a team of analysts, bolstered by specialized software tools, to ensure data integrity.

Dealroom’s guiding philosophy is that open access to data can fuel entrepreneurship and innovation. The platform aims not just to aggregate data but to foster and support global startup ecosystems through extensive coverage, robust governmental collaborations, leading ecosystem research, and a commitment to highlighting the world’s most innovative companies.

Spotlight: Rotterdam Region Accelerators

Rotterdam’s startup scene is growing year-over-year and its accelerators play a critical role in providing access to capital, talent & new markets. From PortXL, the world’s first port & maritime accelerator to YES!Delft, the leading tech incubator closely connected with one of Europe’s best technical universities, the region has its doors open to fuel the growth of ambitious ventures.

 World’s 1st Port & Maritime Accelerator | Rotterdam

Tech Accelerators in the Netherlands

Plug and Play Tech Center

Sector: Fintech, Insurtech, and Advanced Manufacturing
Amsterdam-based program that connects startups with large corporations, offering deal flows, networking, events, and mentoring without equity participation required.

EIT InnoEnergy

Sector: Sustainable Energy Innovations
Supports sustainable energy innovations that provide new technologies to reduce energy costs, increase system performance, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and increase competitiveness.

Accelerate Amsterdam

Sector: Business Modelling, Customer Development, Growth Hacking
A digitized startup acceleration program offering original content, exercises, interactions, and measurement of engagement. 

Circular Factory

Sector: Circular and Biobased Products
Supports startups wanting to build factories for circular or biobased products. Aims to contribute to the realization of twenty circular factories in the coming years.

Smart Energy Systems

Sector: Renewable Energy
Focuses on renewable energy solutions and the transition to cleaner energy production. Utilizes a €21M fund to invest in energy startups in the Netherlands and Europe.

Bluespring BV

Sector: Offshore Renewable Energy
Initiator and coordinator of the Offshore For Sure project, focusing on tidal energy, wave energy, offshore floating solar energy, and energy storage.

ESA Business Incubation Centers

Sector: Space-related Startups
Supports entrepreneurs with space-based business ideas, helping them develop their product and company, particularly those involving satellite navigation, earth observation, or satellite communication.

The Gate

Sector: Technology Startups
Platform for tech startups in the initial phase of their journey, offering a ‘check-in’ for information and advice, both physically and digitally.

Music Tech Accelerator

Sector: Music Technology
Aimed at pre-revenue music tech startup teams with solid ideas, the Music Tech Accelerator provides coaching, assistance in finding first clients and investments, building products, and scaling businesses.

Ready to Scale

Sector: Startup Growth and Scaling
A unique growth program designed by ACE, The Startup Network, entrepreneurs, investors, and Amsterdam Universities to boost company growth.


Sector: eHealth Solutions
eHealthVenturesGroup focuses on accessible e-health platforms that combine medical specialist knowledge, products, information, and advice.

New Energy Academy

Sector: Energy Education and Training
Offers extracurricular courses and activities in various aspects of the energy sector, including business, science, politics, law, and spatial planning.


Sector: Web Services
Mijndomein provides easy and affordable website building services without the need for technical knowledge.

BTC-Twente BV

Sector: Business and Technology Infrastructure
BTC-Twente offers flexible offices, business spaces, cleanrooms, and laboratories to innovative companies, startups, and growing businesses.

Platform Zero

Sector: Climate Technology
Platform Zero is dedicated to scaling climate tech in the energy and maritime sectors to create a more sustainable planet.

CDR Accelerator

Sector: Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
As a premier European accelerator program focused on CDR, this program offers €50,000 in non-dilutive funding, a 9-month support program, and a community of over 250 members. It connects participants with technology and policy experts, CDR buyers, verification bodies, and fundraising professionals.


Sector: Deep-Tech Ventures
Building deep-tech ventures to address societal challenges. It scouts advanced technologies from research institutions and tech companies.

Erasmus Enterprise

Sector: Entrepreneurial Community
Offers mentoring, advice, and know-how on growing companies, focusing on supporting startups and scale-ups with a growth mindset and access to a supportive ecosystem.

Valbonne Commercial Agency

Sector: Business Acceleration for Technology Companies
A business acceleration agent for international technology companies and consultancies in Europe, offers tech research consultancy, manages distribution and growth as an international agent.

Fresh Ventures

Sector: Sustainable Food System
A venture-building program and startup studio, Fresh Ventures co-founds companies to address systemic challenges in the food system.


Sector: Business Support and Community Building
Focuses on making entrepreneurship accessible, offering support in starting a business, administrative and financial matters, PowerBI reporting tools, and website and hosting development.

Erasmus Enterprise

Sector: Entrepreneurial Community
Erasmus Enterprise is a partnership with ScaleNL and the accelerator for Dutch startups aiming to scale into the US. It offers mentoring, advice, and know-how on growing companies, focusing on supporting startups and scale-ups.


Sector: Startup Acceleration
Offers programs to help startups grow faster, providing funding, connections to relevant networks, and workspaces in Breda.

Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)

Sector: Offshore Renewable Energy Solutions
DMEC focuses on accelerating offshore renewable energy solutions. They offer services to corporates, investors, innovators, and policymakers, integrating innovative offshore renewables through their Corporate Partnership Program.

De Steck

Sector: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
De Steck is an innovation center serving as a breeding ground for entrepreneurs, education, and government.


Sector: Auction Design and Strategy
Auctiometrix specializes in providing auction design and bid strategy advice, particularly in high-stake spectrum auctions. They also offer auction consulting services in offshore wind farm auctions.


Sector: Startup Studio
VentureBuilders is dedicated to building and growing digital companies. Offering capital, network, and a team of experts, they have co-founded and invested in 13 companies, achieving 2 exits and generating significant follow-on investments.


Sector: Health Research and Innovation.
ZonMw programmes and funds research and innovation in health, healthcare, and well-being.


Sector: Technology Industry Association.
FME mobilizes and connects the technology industry and society to address challenges where technology is the solution. They aim for a future-proof world with well-being and prosperity, where everyone participates.

SMB Life Sciences

Sector: Life Sciences and Health.
SMB Life Sciences stimulates business activity in the Life Sciences & Health sector by providing high-quality facilities and supporting startups and young companies.


Sector: Healthcare and Life Sciences Consulting.
They support the development of better medicines, tools, and therapies, focusing on improving patients’ lives through technological advancements.

Werkgroep Zorg 2025

Sector: Healthcare
A group of young healthcare professionals focused on shaping the future of healthcare. They concentrate on themes like prevention, green care, and education & training.

Task Force Health Care (TFHC)

Sector: Life Sciences & Health
TFHC is a network of Dutch organizations in the Life Sciences & Health sector, serving as the primary contact for Dutch LSH expertise. They support Dutch companies, NGOs, knowledge institutions, healthcare providers, and governments in international ventures.

TMM Ventures

Sector: Investment and Technology Development
Expertise in software development, and their portfolio includes a range of services and products such as WooCommerce plugins, chauffeur services, laundry services, HR tools, solar energy providers, and e-commerce platforms.


Tech Accelerators in Netherlands


Sector: Startup Incubation
They provide services like video lectures, community support, and weekly progress sessions, catering to early-stage startups seeking guidance from ideation to validation.

The Innovation Playground

Sector: Technological Innovation and Future Visioning
They engage in phases of co-creation, development, and marketing of concepts, with a focus on areas like social robotics and eHealth-as-a-Service.


Sector: Climate Technology
BeStart is a climate tech accelerator focusing on amplifying the impact of climate technology for a greener, more sustainable world.

Amsterdam Venture Studios

Sector: Incubation and Entrepreneurship
Amsterdam Venture Studios offers workspace and support through incubation programs, training, mentoring, and networking for budding entrepreneurs and researchers.

Brave New Food

Sector: Food Innovation
Brave New Food is an open innovation platform that helps food companies innovate and grow with services like startup scouting, matchmaking, and expert sessions.


Sector: Deeptech Growth
X-Europe is a remote acceleration program connecting deeptech startups and actors across Europe with training, matchmaking, and media exposure.

Travel Impact Lab

Sector: Sustainable Travel
Travel Impact Lab aims to reshape the travel industry for sustainability, offering accelerator programs, investment, and network access for startups and corporates.

New Energy Docks

Sector: Sustainable Solutions
New Energy Docks is a community of practice that facilitates sustainable solutions, offering office and business space to companies focusing on sustainability.

New Energy Challenge

Sector: Renewable Energy
The New Energy Challenge, organized by Rockstart, Shell, Unknown Group, and YES!Delft, focuses on emerging technologies in regenerative agriculture and sustainable land use. It offers an accelerator program for startups and scaleups in renewable energy.

SmartHub Incubator Industry

Sector: Business Incubation
SmartHub Incubator Industry provides coaching, knowledge, and financial support to startups using a unique voucher model. It connects startups with a network of partner companies for technical, marketing, and operational support.

SparkUp Ventures

Sector: International Business Development
SparkUp Ventures specializes in helping businesses expand into new markets. They offer research, strategy, setup, rollout, and commercial solutions to facilitate international growth.


Sector: Digital Innovation
Gumption is an ecosystem uniting entrepreneurs from various brands, specializing in components of digital transformation. They focus on co-creation and digital solutions for medium-sized and large SMEs, corporations, and government organizations.


Sector: Alternative Business Financing
PooledFunds offers alternative business financing without traditional banking routes. They provide business plan assessments and financing solutions for startups and SMEs.

O&G Financial Services

Sector: Financial and Legal Advisory
O&G Financial Services is a business advisory firm specializing in the maritime industry. They offer services in business improvement, financial advice, and process consulting, with a focus on corporate recovery and interim management.

Journalism Incentive Fund (SVDJ)

Sector: Journalism Development
The SVDJ promotes the quality, diversity, and independence of Dutch journalism through subsidies, research, and an incubation program focused on innovative solutions in journalism.


Sector: Entrepreneurial Training
GrowthClass offers an e-learning platform and community for entrepreneurs, providing training, expert videos, work assignments, and personal mentoring or coaching sessions. They offer different membership levels for access to these resources.

Closing Note

The Netherlands’ tech accelerator landscape is a vibrant and crucial ecosystem for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Each accelerator we’ve highlighted plays a crucial role in shaping the future of technology, sustainability, and global business practices. These institutions are not just accelerators but catalysts of change, empowering startups with the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary to transform their visionary ideas into impactful realities.

These top 50 accelerators, each with its unique sector focus and approach, not only propel startups to new heights but also significantly contribute to the Netherlands’ standing as a hub of global innovation and technology development.