Future Technology Startups in the Netherlands – Top 25

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 42 marketing     March 25, 2024

The Netherlands has long been a cradle for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. In our review of the top 25 future technology startups in the Netherlands, we’re going through the prospering tech ecosystem the country has to offer. 

Among the highlights, we’ll be taking a closer look at companies like Elestor, revolutionizing energy storage with their breakthrough hydrogen-bromine flow batteries, and NorthSea Therapeutics, a biotech innovator developing novel strategies for metabolic and inflammatory diseases. These companies, alongside the others we will be discussing today, are shaping the Dutch technology landscape. 

Let us find out more about them. 

How We Ranked These Companies

All these rankings have been made in accordance with the Dealroom Signal. This innovative tool stands out as an indispensable asset for investors, startups, and government entities, providing an extensive and up-to-date overview of the global startup ecosystem. Let’s delve into how the Dealroom Signal operates and its significance.

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  • Verification and Validation: The integrity of data is crucial to Dealroom. Whether the data is generated through AI or supplied by partners, it undergoes a stringent verification process. This step involves thorough scrutiny by Dealroom’s Intelligence Unit and team analysts, further reinforced by specialized verification software, ensuring the data’s accuracy and reliability.
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In essence, Dealroom Signal is a tool designed not just to compile data but to foster and support startup ecosystems globally. It aims to provide predictive intelligence across the entire startup lifecycle, helping discover promising companies, stay at the forefront of innovation, measure tech ecosystem growth, attract talent, and facilitate fundraising.

Now let’s dive into the list of top future tech startups in the Netherlands with the highest Dealroom Signal. 


Sector: Quantum Technology
QphoX is at the forefront of quantum transduction technology, developing the world’s first quantum modem. Their technology enables the conversion of quantum information between microwave and optical telecom frequencies. This innovation is crucial for scalable quantum information processing and forms the backbone of the future quantum internet.


Sector: Bid Management Software
Altura offers a comprehensive bid management system designed to streamline the proposal process for modern bid teams. Their platform aids in identifying opportunities, analyzing data, and managing projects more efficiently. Altura’s technology leverages AI for predictive insights, enhancing bid teams’ performance and success rates.


Sector: Online Dating
Breeze is a dating app that takes online dating offline. With a focus on arranging offline dates without the need for extensive swiping and chatting, Breeze schedules real-life dates for matched users, emphasizing serious and time-efficient dating experiences.


Sector: Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical
VarmX focuses on developing medical solutions to restore blood clotting, specifically targeting complications arising from direct factor Xa anticoagulants. VarmX’s VMX-C001 is designed to address bleeding complications, representing a significant contribution to the field of hematology.


Sector: Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
OPCHARGE delivers custom electric charging solutions for cities and businesses, focusing on public and semi-public charging infrastructures. With a commitment to greening urban areas, OPCHARGE aims to install 25,000 charging points by 2025. Their services include advising and providing tailored charging solutions like leasing a charging station or creating a charging plaza, with a strong emphasis on using 100% green Dutch power.


Sector: Financial Services
in3 offers a payment solution that allows customers to pay for purchases in three installments without interest or negative credit registration. Partnering with various stores, in3 facilitates purchases in categories like electronics, fashion, and home decor. This service aims to make larger purchases more accessible and financially manageable.


Sector: Impact Investment
Treety provides impact management and reporting solutions for investors, simplifying compliance with regulations like SFDR. Their platform streamlines non-financial reporting and transforms data into insights and compliance reports, helping funds quantify sustainability efforts and meet local regulations effectively.


Sector: Technology / Video Editing
Detail is a versatile camera app that combines the simplicity of a standard camera with the functionality of a video editor. It allows users to connect multiple devices for recording, provides live green screen editing, automatic captions, and a teleprompter, catering to content creators who need quick and effective video editing tools.

Kelp Blue

Sector: Environmental Sustainability
Kelp Blue focuses on rewilding the oceans by planting kelp forests globally. The harvested kelp is used in sustainable products like agri-foods, fertilizers, and textiles. Their mission is to enhance ocean health, sequester CO2, and support marine biodiversity, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

NorthSea Therapeutics 

Sector: Biotechnology
NorthSea Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotech company developing innovative therapies for NASH (Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis) and other metabolic, inflammatory, and fibrotic diseases. Their lead program, icosabutate, is a first-in-class Structurally Engineered Fatty Acid (SEFA) in late-stage clinical development.


Sector: Renewable Energy
Tarucca enhances the sustainability of wind energy by helping operators increase electricity productivity and reduce maintenance costs. They offer consultancy, condition and structural health monitoring solutions, and services for wind turbine blades. Their focus is on predictive maintenance and asset management, using AI and photonics.

Greener Power Solutions

Sector: Sustainable Energy
Greener Power Solutions provides emission-free energy solutions, specializing in mobile batteries for various applications like EV charging and grid services. Their clean, mobile shore power reduces CO2 emissions, and their technology is suited for off-grid and hybrid use. They aim to revolutionize temporary energy needs with a focus on sustainability and efficiency.


Sector: Energy Storage
Elestor specializes in large-scale, long-duration, scalable, and affordable energy storage solutions. Their bromine-based flow battery technology is designed for grid-connected systems, supporting the transition to clean energy. Elestor’s solution is crucial for storing large volumes of electricity over extended durations, aiding in the global shift towards sustainable energy systems.


Sector: Logistics and Supply Chain
ChainCargo streamlines freight management by connecting shippers and carriers through a digital platform, reducing manual paperwork and improving operational efficiency. Their mission is to minimize CO2 emissions by efficiently using resources and reducing empty kilometers driven, with a commitment to decarbonizing logistics.


Sector: Business Management Software
Tebi offers an all-in-one platform for businesses, integrating Point of Sale, Payments, Reservations, Reporting, Accounting, and Inventory management. Designed for independent businesses, Tebi simplifies operations, reduces costs, and enhances customer experience with intuitive handheld devices and automated VAT calculations.


Sector: Agriculture Technology
AgXeed offers an autonomous ecosystem of machines and a cloud-based portal for sustainable farming. Their AgBots operate unsupervised, optimizing resource usage and improving yield through precision farming. AgXeed’s technology supports data-driven decision-making and sustainable agricultural practices.

New Amsterdam Pharma

Sector: Pharmaceutical
New Amsterdam Pharma focuses on developing oral therapies for metabolic diseases. Their lead candidate, obicetrapib, targets Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol while increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, showing promise in treating metabolic diseases.


Sector: Customer Experience Management
TheyDo offers a platform for managing customer journeys, integrating various business functions around customer-centric collaboration. Their solution helps businesses map, structure, and manage customer journeys, unlocking opportunities across different teams and enhancing productivity and customer alignment.


Sector: Financial Services
BridgeFund provides hassle-free business loans up to €250,000. They offer a straightforward loan application process without the need for business plans or annual figures, focusing on current financial data. BridgeFund enables quick access to funds and personal, involved customer service.

Pixyle AI

Sector: E-commerce and AI Technology
Pixyle AI is an AI-powered tagging and data enrichment platform for e-commerce. They provide solutions for automated product tagging, text generation for product descriptions, image moderation, and similar product recommendations, enhancing product discovery and customer experience for online retailers.


Sector: Real Estate and Facility Management
Spaceti offers a holistic space management platform, enabling organizations to create flexible and sustainable work environments. Their all-in-one solution integrates building management systems and enhances employee experiences with features like space booking, environmental analytics, and secure visitor check-in processes.


Sector: Environmental Technology
Carbyon develops technology for direct air capture of CO2, aiming to create an affordable and scalable solution for negative emissions. Their modular machine uses a fast swing process with functionalized activated carbon fibers to capture atmospheric CO2, contributing to climate change mitigation efforts.


Sector: Insurance
Insify offers hassle-free insurance solutions specifically tailored for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This service allows for quick, online insurance arrangement without advisory or closing costs, and offers the flexibility of daily cancellation. Insify’s range includes disability, corporate liability, professional liability, and inventory & goods insurance. It stands out for its personalized policies, affordability, and fast online processing, ensuring immediate coverage for businesses.


Sector: Environmental Technology / Carbon Capture
CarbonOrO specializes in carbon capture solutions for industrial flue gases, using a unique bi-phasic amine technology. Their system is energy-efficient, offering a 40% saving compared to standard technologies, and features a lower degradation rate and footprint. CarbonOrO’s technology is pivotal for treating biogas and plays a crucial role in accelerating the transition to net-zero emissions by capturing carbon at the source. They offer Carbon Capture Units, licenses, and complete CC(U)S services.

Closing Note

The Netherlands continues to establish itself as a hub of innovation and technological advancement. The selection of startups in this ranked list, from Elestor’s groundbreaking energy storage solutions to NorthSea Therapeutics’ novel approaches in biotechnology, exemplifies the diverse and vibrant tech ecosystem thriving in the country. 

These startups are not just businesses; they are beacons of progress, each contributing uniquely to their respective sectors and collectively driving the Netherlands towards a brighter, more innovative future.

With a focus on sectors ranging from environmental sustainability to financial services and biotechnology, these companies represent the cutting edge of Dutch ingenuity. 

These startups, with their visionary approaches and groundbreaking solutions, are not just shaping the Dutch technology landscape but are also making significant contributions to global technological progress. 

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