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Statistical Trends of Coworking Facilities

Saturday January 13, 2024

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Introduction to coworking spaces facilities

Coworking spaces are springing up all over the world as increasingly more people realize the advantages of coworking spaces compared to traditional office settings. A coworking space is a shared office environment where company employees or freelance professionals can join a diverse community working within the same setting. There are many benefits to this setup, including community and networking, as well as a wide range of amenities at your disposal.

Below, you’ll find relevant and surprising information about these shared workspaces, which are set to revolutionize the working environment.


1 What do Coworking Spaces offer?

Coworking spaces provide many different services and amenities that appeal to modern professionals. High-speed internet, conference and meeting rooms, and a variety of desk spaces, combined with different flexible membership options. These are just a few of the benefits that give coworking spaces an edge over traditional offices:

Flexible membership options

Memberships at coworking spaces are often flexible, so you can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Usually, you may also cancel a membership at any time, unlike the conventional renting of a traditional office space that requires a long-term commitment. There are typically four main membership options: flexible, dedicated, private, and virtual. More information about each type of membership can be found in Chapter 4.

Different types of rooms

Conference and meeting rooms are usually available to rent by the hour or day. Meeting rooms can be used for team meetings, client presentations, or other professional events. In addition to conference rooms, phone booths are available for private calls in many coworking spaces.  More information about the different types of rooms and facilities can be found in Chapter 3.


Coworking spaces provide many amenities typically found in traditional offices, such as wifi, coffee, and tea, as well as printing services and monitor screens. In addition to the basics, members of a coworking community can enjoy high-speed internet, fully stocked kitchens, gyms, and on-site childcare.


One of the main benefits of shared working spaces is the community built around them. Professionals from all different industries and backgrounds come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and build relationships that inspire. Coworking spaces offer an inclusive place for freelancers or remote employees who would otherwise have no community link to a physical work environment. These communities can stimulate diverse networking opportunities in a way that traditional offices simply cannot.


Additionally, these communities can benefit from regular coworking space events. From the spaces listed on Common Grounds in the Netherlands, 8 out of 10 coworking spaces hosted some kind of event. Such events are great for building community and meaningful connections through networking in a more natural setting.

In the table below, you’ll find all the different amenities offered by the coworking spaces listed on Common Grounds in the Netherlands:

Workspace: Wifi: Coffee/tea: Flexible desks Meeting rooms Phone booth Silent space Event space Printer Food
42workspace Yes Yes 40 Yes, 9 No No Yes Yes Yes
The Happy Flow Yes Yes 15 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
StartDock Rotterdam Yes Yes 6 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes No
Van Nelle Fabriek Yes N/A 50 Yes, 18 No No Yes Yes Nearby
Bouncespace Yes Yes 4 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes No
SrartDock – Keizersgracht: Yes Yes 6 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
StartDock – Herrengracht: Yes Yes 6 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
The thinking hut south: Yes Yes 6 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
B.1 Amsterdam: Yes Yes 30 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moma & Co: Yes Yes 8 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
MidWest: Yes Yes 10 Yes, 2 No No Yes Yes Nearby
Workspace6: Yes Yes 6 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
StartDock Prins Hendrikkade Yes Yes 50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mspace: Yes Yes 6 Yes, 2 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
Buro: Yes Yes 40 Yes, 1 Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Brick Road Yes Yes 12 Yes, 1 No No N/A Yes Yes
Trashure Studio: Yes Yes N/A No No No Yes Yes Nearby
Filth: Yes Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
The Hague Tech: Yes Yes 30 Yes, 10 Yes No Yes Yes Yes
BounceSpace Eindhoven: Yes Yes 30 8 Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
Hofclub: Yes Yes 15 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Impact Factory: Yes Yes 15 Yes, 13 Yes No Yes Yes Nearby
Grytte – Maliebaan45 Yes Yes 10 Yes, 10 No N/A N/A Yes Yes


2 How many people work in coworking spaces?

Many people choose a flexible coworking space because it offers them the ability to work from an office without the commitment required in renting an office space. Coworking spaces are often located in convenient, central locations that offer members easy access to public transportation, restaurants, and other local businesses. Coworking spaces attract a wide range of professionals, from freelancers and digital nomads to startup founders or even whole companies.

As of June 2020, there were an estimated 19,421 coworking spaces worldwide with a total of 1,18 million members working within these spaces. By 2024, about 5 million people are estimated to be part of the coworking community, marking a 158% increase from 2020, if trends continue. The average number of members per space was estimated to be 185 people worldwide in 2019. You can read the details of coworking statistics in 2022 in this guide.

Number of members per coworking bar graphic - 42WorkSpace

3 What are the different facilities in a coworking space?

When you join a coworking space, you’ll have access to a variety of different facilities that can help make your workday more productive and enjoyable. The most common of these are:

Conference and Meeting rooms

Most coworking spaces have conference and meeting rooms available for members to use. From the spaces listed on Common Grounds, coworking spaces in the Netherlands have an average of 5 meeting rooms per coworking facility. Conference rooms can be used for anything from client meetings to team brainstorming sessions, and are usually equipped with audio/visual equipment and whiteboards. As an example, 42workspace has 4 meeting rooms and 2 conference rooms.

Phone booths

In addition to conference rooms, coworking space phone booths are also available for making calls. These are soundproofed so you can make calls without disturbing those around you. But, how many coworking spaces have phone booths? Since these are not as common as meeting rooms, in the Netherlands, only about 66% of companies had phone booths, from the spaces listed on Common Grounds.

Event spaces

Some coworking facilities also have event spaces available for members to use for networking, workshops, and other gatherings. These can be a great way to meet other professionals in your community and build relationships. For example, 42workspace has two event spaces, a rooftop space with a 100-people capacity, as well as a theater with a 150-people capacity.

Kitchens or cafeterias

Some coworking spaces have kitchens available for members to use, while others have restaurants and cafes. People can use these spaces to take a break from work and grab a bite to eat without having to leave the office. Almost half of the coworking spaces in the Netherlands have some kind of cafeteria or kitchen, while the rest have one nearby.

Recreational facilities

Many coworking spaces also have recreational facilities, such as game rooms, meditation rooms, and gyms. These can be a great way to take a break from work and relax.

4 What are the different memberships in a coworking space?

Most coworking spaces offer different membership options to accommodate the needs of their members. Some memberships may include access to a fixed desk, while others may include access only to flexible desks that are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. Below you can find some of the most common membership types:

Coworking Day passes

Some coworking spaces offer day passes for those not sure whether they need a dedicated membership yet. This can be a great way to try out the space and see if it’s a good fit for you, or to find a temporary coworking space while traveling.

Coworking Dedicated desks

A permanent, assigned desk in a shared space. This is best for people who need a dedicated workspace and want to be surrounded by like-minded professionals.

Coworking Flexible desks

A hot-desk membership, which gives you access to any open desk in the coworking space. This is ideal for people who want the flexibility to work from anywhere in the space. The average coworking space in the Netherlands has around 18 flexible desks.

Coworking Private Office

A private office for 1-10 people within the coworking space. This is perfect for individuals who prefer a space more tailored to their own needs and privacy, or businesses and teams that need their own space but still want to be a part of the coworking community.

Coworking Virtual Offices

In addition to the above, virtual offices are a new type of coworking space gaining popularity lately. A virtual office is a type of coworking space that allows members access to the community and certain amenities, such as conference room usage, without a physical desk. This is ideal for those who can’t make it into the physical space regularly but still want to be a part of the community. Many virtual office packages also include a mailing address and telephone number for use by your business. Virtual offices can help situate your business in a prime location, even if you’re not physically located there.

While many coworking space businesses offer package deals for larger groups or companies, the above membership types are the most common for individuals.

5 How many coworking spaces host events?

Hosting events is an integral part of the coworking business model; this is how coworking spaces can build a coworking community. Hosting events is useful because it can introduce potential members to the coworking space, which can result in increased membership. Furthermore, coworking space events can provide valuable opportunities for networking, which is one of the main reasons coworking spaces exist. This means that most such spaces will host a wide range of events, integrating them into the coworking business model.

In the Netherlands, 8 out of 10 coworking spaces hosted some kind of event the past year, with 80% of these hosting regular events in their coworking facilities. Regular coworking space events occurred on average 3 times a month per company.

6 Conclusion

Coworking spaces situate themselves as a modern way to organize the work environment. Their recent and projected growth is a sign of their innovative spirit and usefulness. 

This report outlines the state of coworking spaces, detailing the different types of facilities and amenities one can usually find in such spaces, as well as the most common types of memberships offered. Coworking species offer a lot more than traditional offices, with a lot fewer drawbacks and commitment. The flexibility and variety of coworking spaces will make their usefulness for the future of work all the more apparent when their projected growth helps them make their way into more working professionals’s lives.