Meet the Members: Jan Hein Hoogstad (Lefthoek)

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 Ohad Gilad     January 26, 2024

Meet the Members: Jan Hein Hoogstad


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“Passionate about the future of working together” – Lefthoek

Jan Hein started out as one of the first members at 42workspace together with Sander Reukema. Back then, he was working for Offcourse; an online learning platform that he founded himself. This was an incredible learning experience for him. 

Two years later, Jan Hein came back to our coworking space, with a brand new start-up named “Lefthoek”. LeftHoek specializes in the future of working together, allowing for effective collaboration between human and non-human employees. This happens in two different ways:

  1. By developing the non-human/virtual employees (AIs which are comparable to Siri, but more task-driven)
  2. Making sure that people and virtual team members/employees work together as effectively as possible

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(Source: 42workspace – Meet the Members: Jan Hein Hoogstad)

Lefthoek is located at 42workspace and makes use of our premium membership. Jan Hein chose this option due to the high amount of flexibility and freedom that comes with it. He loves to use the facilities at 42workspace as well as the 24/7 access that we offer to our premium members. Being able to come in on a Saturday or working after 18:00 is very valuable. Moreover, our premium members are able to work wherever they want, whether it is on the ground floor, second floor, or anywhere else in the building. Jan Hein is sure that coworking is the future of working. 

For coworking spaces, Jan Hein sees a lot of opportunities: On the one hand, it is important to develop a thriving community offline. On the other,  the focus of attention in the future will lie more and more on doing the same in the online world; hybrid approaches to working together will become increasingly popular. Creating an engaging environment for online communities will be very useful and create lots of value. For that, online/virtual facilitators like Lefthoek, which specialize in creating are absolutely necessary. He also believes, Rotterdam is the place to be, as its tech ecosystem is booming

“Jan Hein and his companion, Dolly, bring great energy to our coworking space every day, they are a valuable addition to our community!” – Keiko Petzold (Marketeer at 42workspace)


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(Source: 42workspace – Meet the Members: Jan Hein Hoogstad)

Jan Hein first takes a step back by looking at the problem (the pain points) as a whole. He then uses his knowledge, expertise, and service offerings to relieve these pain points. Leading to mutual development.  It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large firm, he would love love to get in touch with you!

If you encounter any difficulties and disorientation in your online working environment, or if you want to know how you can improve it in general, get in touch with Lefthoek! (contact details can be found above)

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